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                                                                                       Heremonian U Cobhthaigh Ui Felim Dal Cuinn "northern" Ui Niaill Ui Endae Septs


      Descended from 91.Enda / Eanna, a brother to 91.Eogan (Cenel nEogain) and 91.Conall Gulban (Cenel Conaill) who are the 3 direct male line ancestors of the Heremonian "northern" Ui Niaill Septs in the Ulster Province who were 3 of the 8 sons of *90.Niall - of the Nine Hostages the Gaelic Milesian 126th King of Tara / Ireland who is also the aristocratic warrior male line ancestor of the "southern" Ui Niaill from his other 5 sons who had their territories in the Midlands / Midhe / Meath / Northern Leinster.

     The Heremonian Ui Endae Sept had their territory in the north - west of Ulster Province between that of his 2 more predominant "northern" brothers, 91.Eogain (Cenel nEogain) and 91.Conall Gulban (Cenel Conaill) and the Ui Endae were to be eventually absorbed into their Septs.


Cenel Endai - Main Sept: O Lappin / Delap / Ui Lapain, O Henaghan / Ui hEineachain. Other Sept : O Breslane / O Breslin / Ui Breaslain Chiefs in Fanad who had their territory from the River Errity to Barnesmore in Tir Hugh to Sruell in Banagh, Co. Donegal (Aughnis - Kilmacrennan.)

Ancestor: 91.Enda / Endae the youngest son of *90.Niall - of the Nine Hostages the 126th King of Tara / Ireland.


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