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                                                                                                       Heremonian Ui Maine Septs / Family branches in the east of the Connacht Province


    Their original territory of the Heremonian Ui Cobhthaigh Ui Felim Dal Cuinn Colla Da Crioch Ui Maine Septs was in the east of the Connacht Province initially held by pre - Milesian Celts who were a confederation, including the Sogain who were Scythian Cruthin Picts, and the Dal na Druithne who may have been a Sept of the Scythian Tuatha De Danann. Their territory was in the south of Co. Roscommon, and in parts of Co. Galway and in the adjoining southern territory in what is now the north of Co. Clare in the north - west of the Munster Province. They were subjugated and absorbed initially by the Milesian Gaelic Heremonian Ui Cobhthaigh Ui Felim Dal Cuinn Celts under 87.Eochy / Echu Doimhlen / Dubhlen who was to be the father also of the 3 Colla brothers who were to found their own personal kingdom later on of Oirghialla / Oriel in Southern Ulster and nearby in Co. Louth in the north - east of Northern Leinster. 87.Eochy Doimhlen was a brother to *87.Fiachu Strabtine the Gaelic Milesian Heremonian Ui Cobhthaigh Ui Felim Dal Cuinn 120th King of Tara / Ireland in 285 AD. Later on *87.Fiachu Sraibhtine's paternal grandson, 89.Maine Mor who was also a brother to *89.Eochy / Echu Mugmedon the Gaelic Milesian 124th King of Tara / Ireland in 357 AD secured more territory in the south - east of Connacht from the Fir Bolg Septs there, and it all eventually became part of the Heremonian Ui Maine kingdom.


Auteri Septs were the original Celts whose territory was also in Co. Galway, Co. Mayo and Co. Roscommon in the Connacht Province. Gailenga Septs: were also at Bohola in Co. Mayo who were originally based on a Tuatha de Danann Sept whose territory was in the west of Co. Sligo between Loch Gara and the Ox Mountains, where they shared the territory there with the Luigne Sept who were also originally a Tuatha De Danann Sept and the Gregraige who were also originally a Fir Bolg Sept, while the Sodhan Septs were originally a pre - Gaelic people who were also in the territory of the Heremonian Ui Maine Sept.


                                                                                                                                  Ui Maine Septs / Family branches. 


O Coffey, O Concannon, O Cannon, O Connelly / O Connolly, O Conry, O Coogan, Mac Corless, O Cosgrave, O Cunnabor / O Conboy, O Cunnegan, O Cunningham, Mac Cuolahan, O Curran, 

O Daly, O Devilly, O Dolain, O Dolan, O Donlan / O Donellain / Donnellan, O Donnell, O Doorley, O Downey, O Duggan / O Dugan / O Doogan,

Egan / Keegan,

O Fahy / O Faghy, O Fallon  / O Falloon, O Finarghty / O Finerty,

Mac Glennon, Green, 

O Hahessy, O Haneen / O Heneen,

O Kelly, O Kenny, Mac Keogh, O Larkin,

O Madden / O Madeen, O Madigan (O Madden Sept), O Malliffe / O Miliffe  / O Mealiffe, O Moran, O Muldoon, O Mullally / Lally, O Mulready, O Murray / O Murry,

Mac Nevin / Mac Knavin,

O Ruane / O Rowen, O Ryan / O Ruane,

O Sheehan,

Mac Tiege, O Tuohy,


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