RAINBOW FARMS AUSTRALIA                                            

                                                                                                                                                          Stevenson - O Sullivan 

Stevenson. They were in the Ulster Province and Stephenson, Steenson and Stinson were used as variants there. See also Stenson.


Stevenson. Used as a synonym for Fitz Stephens, which see.


Stewart or Stuart or Steward / stig (house) weard / guardian). Originally a Heberian Eoghanacht Chaisil Sept / Family branchwho were later in the Ulster Province. Most prominent members of this family were to eventually become the High Stewards in Scotland for 6 generations until they gained the throne there in their own right while others were stewards from separate houses there in the 17th Century AD under James 1st the Stuart English King who confiscated the 3,500,000 acres of the Heremonian Dal Cuinn "northern" Ui Niaill territories in the Ulster Province and put in foreign non - Catholic plantations there. Some members of this Family are buried in the Friary at Newtownards in Co. Down in the south - east of Ulster.

Ancestors: 89.Conall Corc the 1st Heberian Eoghanacht Chaisil King of Cashel / Munster who married Mong Fionn the daughter of Feradach Fionn / Fionn Cormac the Scythian Gaelic Pictish King, and when 89.Conall Corc returned to Ireland, one of their sons, 90.Main Leamhna stayed in the Highlands of Scotland  with his grandfather, Feradach Fionn who gave him territory at Leamhain / Lennox were his descendants were to become the Mor Mhaor Leamhna / Great Stewards of Scotland. 91.Donnell, 92.Murray / Muireadach, 93.Alan / Alen - the Elder became the first Great Steward of Lennox and the ancestor of the Stewarts / Stuarts, 94.Alan the Younger, 95.Awley / Amhailgadh - the Elder, 96.Awley Oge - the Younger, 97.Walter, 98.Donogh / Doncan / Duncan, 107.Bianco who was a descendant of the Thane of Lochquaber who was a kinsman to 108.Duncan the King of the Scots who was murdered by Mac Beth as was Bianco and all of his children except for his son, 108.Fleance, 109.Walter, 110.Alan Stewart who went to the Holy Land with Godfrey of Boulogne / Boloign and Robert the Duke of Normandy in 1099 AD to recover Jerusalem. 111.Alexander, 112.Walter who fought against the Danes in the Battle of Largs in 1263 AD. 113.Alexander, 114.John of Bute who was the High Steward of Scotland who was one of the 6 Governors of Scotland during the conflict between Robert the Bruce and John Baliol in 1292 AD, 115.Walter who was the High Steward of Scotland who married Margery the only daughter of Robert the Bruce whose son, David died without issue. 116.Robert Stewart 1370 AD became Robert 11, the King of Scotland, 117.John who changed his name and became Robert 111 King of Scotland, 118.James became James 1st the 14 year old King of Scotland who was imprisoned in the Tower of London by the English for 19 years. He was murdered in 1437 AD when his son, 119.James 11 was 6 year old who was eventually killed by a canon sliver when it exploded at the Siege of Roxburgh in 1460 AD. He had a brother 120.Ninion who became the ancestor of the Craigs of Banbridge and the Stewarts of Baltimore, 120.James 111 King of Scotland who was slain in 1488 AD, 121.James 1V the King of Scotland slain in the Battle of Floddenfield against the English under Henry V111 in 1513 AD who was married to Margaret the eldest daughter of Henry V11 of England, the sister of Henry V111, 122.James V the King of Scotland who died in 1542 AD, 123.Mary Stuart the Queen of the Scots, his only daughter and heir in 1542 AD who was beheaded in England on the 8th of February, 1587 AD after 18 years imprisonment under the orders of Elizabeth 1st. 124.James 6th King Stuart of Scotland / 1st of England 24/3/1603 AD born Edinburgh Castle 1566 AD and married Anne the daughter of Frederick 11 the King of Denmark and produced 125.Henry died 1612 19 Y.O. Elizabeth who arried 1613 AD Frederick Elector of the Palantine of Bavaria and later King of Bohemia and to keep England non - Catholic his youngest daughter Sophia would be nominated by the English Ascendancy / Parliament as the successor to the English Monarchy in 1710 AD. He died on the 27 / 3/1625 AD and was interred in Westminster, 125.Charles 1st born Dunfermline Fifeshire Scotland 1600 AD inaugurated 6/2/1626 AD married Henrietta the Catholic daughter of Henry 1V the King of France, whose mother was Mary de Medici, and produced 126.Charles 11, and Mary who married William Prince of Orange and produced William Prince of Orange / 111 of England, James, Henry who died 1660. Elizabeth died 1649, Henrietta married to Philip Duke of Orleans  1661. Charles 11 was beheaded 30/1/1649 AD at Whitehall in London by Oliver Cromwell and was interred St. George's Windsor, 126.Charles 11 born 1630 AD at St. James Palace London, returned to England 25/5/1660 AD, and was inaugurated at Westminster 25/4/1661 AD and married Catherine the Catholic Infanta of Portugal  20/5/1662 AD but produced no legitimate issue, Died 6/2/1685AD and may have been poisoned. 126.James 11 his Catholic brother born Edinburgh Castle 1833 AD inaugurated at Westminster reigned from 1685 - 1688 AD married Anne the daughter of Hyde the Earl of Clarendon and produced Mary who married her cousin William of Nassau the Prince of Orange and Anne, and later married secondly to a daughter of Alphonso D'Este the Duke of Modena and produced 127.James Francis Edward / James 111 - The Pretender born 20/6/1688 AD at St. James Palace London who married Princess Clementina Sobieski the daughter of Prince James Louis the King of Poland who in 1683 AD saved Vienna and Europe from the Muslim Turks. He died at Rome on the 30/12/1765 AD and was interred there after producing 2 sons, 128.Charles Edward / Bonnie Prince Charlie - The Young Pretender born Rome 31/12/1720 AD who married Louisa who was to die in 1824 AD the daughter of Prince Sobieski of Gedern in Germany. 128.Bonnie Prince Charlie landed in Scotland to regain the Monarchy for his father in 1745 AD and was defeated at Culloden in 1746 AD and returned to France with John Vera O Sullivan and Flora Mac Donald and died in 1788 AD at Albano in Italy and was interred in Rome and produced a son, 129.Charles Edward in 1830 AD who married Catherine Bruce and produced 130.Charles Edward his second son whom married Anne De La Poer Beresford, 131.Charles Edward Stuart his son married Alice Hay the daughter of the Earl of Erroll at the Catholic Church at Spanish Place in London. 


Stinson. See Stenson and Stevenson.


St. George -


St. John / Singen. They have been in Co. Tipperary in the north - east of the Munster Province since the 13th Century AD and some of their family members became Hibernized. Two members of the family in Co. Wexford in the south - east of Southern Leinster were Catholic Bishops of Ferns in the 13th Century AD. In 1656 AD a member of the family was also transplanted for being Catholic from St. Johnstown in Co. Tipperary.


St. Lawrence. They have been at Howth in Co. Dublin in the north - east of Southern Leinster since 1177 AD. They are also in Co. Clare in the north - west of the Munster Province.


St. Ledger or Sallenger. Norman origins in Ireland since the 14th Century AD and some members of the family became Hibernized especially in Co. Kilkenny / Ossory in the south - west of Southern Leinster where some changed to Sallenger, which see. See also Ledger


St. Paul -


Stockdall -


Mac Stocker. Gaelic / Mheic an Stocaire / trumpeter. Many were in the Ulster Province and were also later known as Stafford, which see, in the 17th Century AD.


Stockley -


Stokes. They have been in Ireland since the 14th Century AD.


Stone or O Cloherty or O Clogherty - Irish / Ua Clochartaigh. cloch (stone). Gaelic Milesian Irian Conmaicne Mara Sept / Family branch, who had their territory in the Connemara in the west of Co. Galway in the Connacht Province. Especially see O Cloherty.


Stone. Used for Clogherty and Mulclohy, which see - cloch / stone. See also Muckley.


Stone. English locative origins -


Stoney. English locative origins from Yorkshire at the end of the 17th Century AD and were Landed Gentry in the north of Co. Tipperary in the north - east of the Munster Province.


Stopfer -


O Storeen or O Storan - Irish / Ua Stoirin. A Sept / Family branch, who had their territory in Co. Limerick in the mid - north - west of the Munster Province but were driven up into the Connacht Province during the particular Irish massacres carried out by Oliver Cromwell in Ireland but despite this they are still to be found in Co. Limerick as well as in Co. Galway in Southern Connacht.  


Storey. Norse English origins with some in Ireland in the 16th Century AD in Co. Dublin in the north - east of Southern Leinster while others came into Co. Tyrone in Central Ulster in the 17th Century AD after the English confiscation of the 3,500,000 acres of the Heremonian Dal Cuinn "northern" Ui Niaill territories and the foreign non - Catholic plantations there.


Stoughton -


Stout -


O Strahan or O Strain or O Shryhane - Irish / Ua Sruthain / srouth (stream). An Erenagh Sept / Family branch, who had their territory in Co. Donegal in the north - west of the Ulster Province. O Strain was used as a variant in Co. Down in the south - east of Ulster. Definition of an Erenagh: By the 11th Century the Abbot in the churches was known as the Comharba / Co - Arb who was the heir of the Saintly founder / or, if this church was not the Saint’s main institution, the Airchinnech / Erenagh / head, who had become the lay Lord. His Family then held the office and the church property from generation to generation. Generally the Comharba or Airchinnech maintained a priest.


Strafford or Stratford. Lord John was the first and Lord Edward was the second Lord Aldborough who died in 1823 AD and his brother, John was the third and they married into the O Neills and had land in Co. Wicklow, Co. Carlow and Co. Kildare in Southern Leinster and he was among those who were paid 15,000 pounds for his 2 votes to create the Immoral Union of Ireland with England and died in 1801 AD when it was declared. He had fell out with Lord Clare / Black John Fitz Gibbon who had him sentenced to 12 months in prison in Newgate in the same cell were Edward Fitz Gerald was also placed later on but he was released after a month with a pardon from George 111 the German Hanoverian English King.  The fourth Earl was another brother, Benjamin who was the first of that name, while the fifth Earl was his son who in 1833 AD lived in England who was a Mason and lost the lot. The sixth Earl in 1849 AD was his son who was another Benjamin who died in 1875 AD who was the last of their Earls.


O Stranahan - Irish / Ua Sranachain. A Sept / Family branch, who had their territory in Co. Down in the south - east of the Ulster Province.


Strangways or Strangewaies -


Strangwick -


Stritch / street. English origins in Limerick City in Co. Limerick in the mid - north - west of the Munster Province.


Mac Stravick or Mac Stravoge. Gaelic / Mheic Srabhog. They were in Co. Tyrone in Central Ulster .


Strong. They were in Co. Kilkenny / Ossory in the south - west of Southern Leinster.


Strongbow. They were in Co. Carlow in Southern Leinster and were also English Earls nearby in Co. Wexford in the south - east of Southern Leinster.


Strowd or Strowde -


Stuart. See Stewart.


Studdert / Stodart (keeper of horses) English origins in Co. Clare in the north - west of the Munster Province since 1669 AD.


Styles. English locative origins in Co. Wexford in the south - east of Southern Leinster.


Suckley. See Soughley.


O Suard - Irish / Ui Suaird. Gaelic Milesian Irian Ui Laeghis / Ui Laoighis Sept / Family branch, of the O Mores / O Moores / Ui Mordha Sept / Family branch, who had their territory in Co. Laois in the mid - north - west of Southern Leinster where they were one of "7 Septs of Leix" and the adjacent country nearby in Co. Offaly in the north - west of Southern Leinster. Especially see O Swords.


O Sugrue  or O Shugrue - Irish / Ua Siochfhradha. A Sept / Family branch, who had their territory in Co. Kerry in Iar Mhumhain / South - West Munster.


Suirlock. See Sherlock.


O Sullahan or O Soolahan or O Sullehan or O Sullihan or O Sullivan / Ui Suileachain / suileach (quick eyed). Gaelic Milesian Irian Conmaicne Magh Rein Muintir Anghaile Sept / Family branch of the O Farrells / O Ferralls / Ui Fearghail who had their territory at Annually in Co. Longford in the north - east of Northern Leinster and nearby in Southern Ulster including the Tellach Congalain, Tellach Floinn. Mac Shaffrey / Mac Geoffrey / Mac Jeffries / Mac Sheffrey, Mac Concaille / Mac Conkeel / Mac Enhill / Woods, Mac Connick / Mac Connock / Mac Conwick, Mac Keegan / Mac Keaghan / Mac Keahan / Mac Keehan, Mac Leavy / Mac Aleavy / Mac Cleevey, Mac Morrow / Mac Murrough / Mac Murrow / Mac Morrogh, Mac Shane / Johnson, O Tormey / O Tarmey / O Tormay / Ui Tormaigh. Ancestors: 105.Fergal, 104.Conall / Congal, 103.Braon, 102.Angall, 101.Eimhin, 100.Croman, 99.Mairne, 98.Fiobrann, 97.Finghin, 96.Neidhe, 95.Onchu,94.Fionnlough, 93.Fionfhear, 92.Cusrach, 91.Eachdach, 90.Earc, 89.Earcoll, 88.Duff, 87.Meadhrua, 86.Neart, 85.Forneart, 84.Eachdach, 83.Uisle, 82.Bearra, 81.Beibhdhe, 80.Lughach, 79.Conmac, 78.Orsenmar, 77.Ethinon, 76.Teagha, 75.Tairc, 74.Alta, 73.Eoghaman, 72.Iuchar, 71.Gobhre, 70.Enna, 69.Cetghun, 68.Mochta, 67.Messaman, 66.Moghatoi, 65.Conmac, 64.Fergus Mor, 63. Ros / Rossa Ruadh the King of Ulster, *62.Rory Mor the 86th King of Tara / Erinn (Clann na Rory),


O Sullivan or O Sullevan or O Sowlevan - Irish / Ua Suileabhain - suil (eye). Heberian Eoghanacht Chaisil Sept / Family branch who were originally the Princes / Tanaistes of Eoghanachta  Mor, Cnoc Graffan in Middlethird in the south of Co. Tipperary in Ormond / Aur Mhumhain in the north - east of the Munster Province. (Cahir, Carrick on Suir, Cashel, Cloghleen and Clonmel in the 5th & 6th Century AD.)

619 AD Their main direct ancestor 95.Fingin mac Aeda who was the Heberian Eoghanacht Chaisil joint 9th King of Cashel / Munster who was married to Mor Mumhan, died, and he is also the ancestor of the O Keeffes, and a brother to 95.Failbhe Flann the 11th King of Cashel / Munster the ancestor of the Mac Carthys and the O Callaghans,  

 1169 AD From this time on they were driven further to the south - west into Co. Kerry and Co. Cork by the never - ending encroaching onslaught of the Anglo - Norman English Invasion on their original territory in Co. Tipperary. In Co. Kerry they became the Vera O Sullivans, and later a further 2 main Eoghanachta Chaisil Septs, with the predominant one being The O Sullivan Mor who eventually settled around Kenmare Bay in Co. Kerry, and the other The O Sullivan Beare / Beara who were situated at Bantry in Co. Cork on the Beara Peninsula.

1253 AD Another O Sullivan Sept was also to be created from the O Sullivan Mor Sept's devotion to their kinsman, Allen O Sullivan the Bishop of Cloyne in Co. Kerry in the south - west of Munster Province, who died at Lismore, because he was so dedicated to St. Mochuda / St. Cuddy, who was also his kinsmen, and they decided to take up the name of Mac Gillicuddy / Mheic Giolla Mocuda (Descended from a son of the servant of St. Cuddy) as well as their O Sullivan surname.

1596 AD the Dunn Keron Castle was built by The O Sullivan Mor at Neidin (Little Nest) near Kenmare in Co. Kerry and their Cappa na Crushy Castle ruin is also still to be seen nearby. The O Sullivan Mor always presided at the Assemblies of the Munster Chiefs, even when The Mac Carthy Mor attended, and were also responsible for inaugurating him as their King. The Pass of the Deer in Killarney was where the O Sullivans and the O Learys mainly held sway against the ever - encroaching English oppression. As the continuing confiscations of the Munster Families' territories occurred the English eventually handed over some of their territories to the sub - Chiefs or "survivors" of the Families who played the game to suite and eventually became non - Catholic to hold on to them. The rest of the main members of the Heberian Eoghanachta Families who continued the resistance were either killed, driven out, or forced into exile, such as Donnell Cam O Sullivan of Beare. The most predominant aristocratic warrior Heberian Eoghanacht Families in Munster were to be descended mainly from 89.Conall Corc who was the Heberian Chaisil 1st King of Cashel / Munster in the 4th Century AD and it was from his time on that their other main Heberian kinsmen, the Dal gCais Sept of Thomond / Tuaisceart Mhumhain / Northern Munster, who had also secured further territory in Southern Connacht / Co. Clare on the south - western side of the River Shannon began to lose their knowledge of their right to share the Kingship of the whole of the Munster Province with the Eoghanachta until the coming of the Vikings totally disrupted the Irish Brehon Law.

Ancestors: 103.Suilbhan the direct male line ancestor of the O Sullivans / Ui Suileabhain, 102.Maolura, 101.Moghttigern, 100.Morogh, 99.Dubhinracht, 98.Flann Noba, 97.Fiachra an Gaircedh who had a brother 97.Rechtabra ancestor of the O Quailes, 96.Seachnasagh, 95.Fingin the Eoghanacht Chaisil 9th King of Cashel / Munster who is the ancestor of the O Sullivans / Ui Suileabhain and O Keeffes who was the son of 94.Aed Dubh the son of 93.Criiffan / Crimthann the son of 92.Felim / Fedelmid the previous 4a King of Cashel / Munster, who along with one of his brothers 92.Bressal, is the ancestor of all of the Eoghanacht Chaisil Septs, Their father was 91.Angus / Oengus the 3rd King of Cashel / Munster who was a son of 90.Nad Froich the 2nd King of Cashel / Munster one of the 6 sons of 89.Conall Corc the 1st King of Cashel / Munster the ancestor of all of the Chaisil Septs who left aristocratic warrior issue. He was the son of 88.Lewy / Luigthech whose father was 87.Ailill Fland Bec the son of 86.Fiacha / Fiachu Mullethan the 1st King of Southern Munster and 3rd King of Munster the only son of 85.Eoghan Mor the ancestor of all of the Eoghanacht Septs of Munster Province who was the eldest son of 84.Ailill Oluimm the Heberian 1st King of Munster descended from 36.Eber Fionn - of Fair Complexion the joint 1st Gaelic Milesian King of Erinn.


O Sullivan (Vera) of Cappanacusha / Ceapa na Coise Castle in Co. Kerry, near Dromore Castle in Kenmare, which was destroyed several times and is now only a ruin. They were soldiers in service in Austria, France and Germany. Their territory adjoined that of the O Sullivan Mor from Dunkerron in Co. Kerry to Williamstown and Millstreet,  bounded on the north by Williamstown and Millstreet, and on the south by Kenmare, and on the west by Dunkerron, and the east by Glancrought. Ancestors: 103.Suilbhan (Ui Suileabhain), 104.Lorcan, 105.Buadhach Athacra, 106.Aodh, 107.Cathal, 108.Buadhach O Sullivan first to use the surname and went overseas and married Vera a Slavonic or Macedonian, and is the ancestor of the Vera O Sullivans and produced 2 sons, 109.Cathal and 109.Maccraith, 110.Donnell Mor, 111.Giolla Mochuda / Gilmochud who had a brother 111.Giolla na Bhflainn the ancestor of the O Sullivans of Beara. 112.Dowling / Dunlang who in 1196 AD was forced to leave Co. Tipperary for Co. Kerry, 113.Murtogh Mor who married Catherine the daughter of Mac Carthy Mor and had a brother 113.Gille Mochuda, 114.Bernard who married Mary Mac Carthy of Carbery and produced 2 sons 115.Buochan, 116.Dunlang, 117.Rory / Ruadhri who had a brother 117.Craith the ancestor of the Eoghanacht Chaisil Mac Graths, 118.Donnell, 119.Donnell of Dunkerron, 120.Eoghan, 121.Dermod of Dunkerron who had a younger brother 121.Donnell na Sgreadaidhe - of the Shriek who is the ancestor of the Sullivan Mor Sept, 122.Conor, 123.Donnell, 124.Eoghan Ruadh was the father of 125.Eoghan Vera O Sullivan of Cappanacusha Castle who had his territory confiscated after the 1641 - 1652 AD Irish Rebellion and in 1641 AD his daughter 126.Mary married Daniel the son of Art Oge O Keefe of Ballymacquirk Castle Duhallow in Co. Cork and produced 3 sons, Art Oge O Keeffe who supported Charles 11, Denis O Keefe whose son Conor O Keefe was the Bishop of Limerick and Daniel O Keefe who married Margaret Hudson of Newmarket in Co. Cork and a brother Arthur who was slain along with his father at the Battle of Aughrim supporting James 11, 126.Dermod father of  Murtagh Fionn, William Lean Laidir, Philip, Timothy / Thige Laidir, John Vera O Sullivan a companion of Charles Edward Stuart  / The Old Pretender, and served the French King later on also, and was knighted by James 111, and in 1747 AD married Louisa the daughter of Thomas Fitz Gerald and produced Thomas Herbert Vera O Sullivan. Murtogh - Timothy and 127.Murrough Vera O Sullivan, 128.Thige Laidir Vera, 129.John Vera, 130 Timothy Vera, 131.Timothy Murtogh Vera  married Ellen Fitz Patrick and produced William John, Timothy Murtough Vera, James Thomas Vera, Henry James Vera, Eoghan  Donnell Vera, May Ellen Vera, Nelly Eleanor Vera, Evelyn / Eibhlin Vera, Catherine Veronica Vera, Nora Mary Vera, Nesta Lucy Vera, Mary Erina Vera, Finola Vera and 132.William John Vera O Sullivan.

115.Philip O Sullivan his second son married Honoria the daughter of O Connor Kerry and produced 116.Donnell who married Joanna Mac Carthy and produced 117.Rory who married Una the daughter of Niaill Oge O Niall the Prince of Ulster and produced 118.Eoghan who married Grainne Mac Carthy and produced 119.Donnell who married Maedhbh O Donnell and produced 120.Philip who married Nelly the daughter of Eoghan O Sullivan Mor and produced 121.Rory who married Mor Fitz Maurice and produced 122,Donnell who married Julia O Donovan and produced 123.Eoghan who married Elizabeth Fitz Gerald and produced 124.Rory who married Julia Mac Carthy and produced 125.Donnell who married Elana Mac Auliffe and produced 126.John who married Mary O Keefe of Killeen and produced 127.Teague who married Joanna O Callaghan of Clonmeen  in Co. Cork and produced 128.Philip and 128.Connor who was born in 1683 AD and died in 1769 AD who married Ellen the daughter of Stepney Galwey of Co. Cork and died in 1706 AD. 128.Philip who was born in 1682 AD and died in 1754 AD married Elizabeth Irwin of Roscommon and produced 129.Eoghan and 129.Benjamin who lived in Cork, whose son Sir 130.Benjamin was the father of 131.George O Sullivan from the Isle of Wight, 129.Eoghan who was born in 1744 AD and died in 1808 AD lived near Kenmare and married the daughter of Moriarty, but his land was taken over by strangers and they produced 130.Donogh, 130.John, 130.Donnell, 130.Eoghan, 130.Nora and 130.Julia, 130.Donogh was born in 1776 AD and when he died in 1838 AD at Shandubh in Moviddy he was interred at Kilmurry in West Muskerry in Co. Cork. 130.Nora married Murphy and had 2 sons, Conn, and Denis who lived at Douglas near Cork married Kate Burke and produced Conn, John, Denis and Kate. 131.John who was born in 1799 AD when he died was also interred at Kilmurry and had been married to Rachel the daughter of Rory O Neill the Prince of Ulster and produced Donogh, Joanna, John, Nora, Richard Donogh, Kate and Nora who married Donnell O Cahan and lived at Rerour  Kilbonane. Donogh married Ellen the daughter of William Sheehan of Killeigh and mother Joanne Hennessy  and produced Honoria / Nora born in 1861 AD who died in 1867 AD, Rachel was born 1869 AD, Joanna born 1871 AD, John born 1873 AD, Richard born 1875 AD, Denis born 1879 AD lived at Curraghbeh Kilmurry, 132.Richard O Sullivan married Kate O Donovan and produced Julia born 1864 AD. Richard lived at Magh Beg west of Bandon, John the eldest son of Denis the brother of Richard lived at Curraghbeh  near Kilmurry. 


O Sullivan Mor - Lords of Dunkerron in Co. Cork. Ancestors: 120 Eoghan O Sullivan, 121.Donnell na Sgreadaidhe - of the Shriek O Sullivan a younger brother of 121.Dermod, and father of 122.Donnell O Sullivan of Dunkerron  who married Mary the daughter of Cormac Oge Mac Carthy Lord of Muscry, who died in 1580 AD and produced 123.Eoghan, 123.Dermod the Tanaiste / Prince of Dunkerron who married Julia the daughter of Eoghan Mac Carthy Reagh the Prince of Carbery, 123.Broghe who married the daughter of O Donovan of Carbery, 123.Conor who married Una the daughter of Edmond Fitz Gerald the Knight of the Valley, 123.Donnell who married the daughter of O Leary the widow of Mac Gillicuddy, 123.Ellen who married Donnell O Sullivan of Beara and another daughter who married John the Knight of Kerry. 123.Eoghan O Sullivan of Dunkerron married Julia, living in 1603 AD the daughter of Donogh Mac Carthy Reagh the Prince of Carbery, who was a sister to Florence Mac Carthy Mor, died 1623 AD, and produced 124.Donnell, Eoghan living 1640, (who had a son 125.Dermod), 124.Dermod, 124.Mary, 124.Ellen and 124.Julia who married John O Connor Kerry. 124.Donnell O Sullivan who died in 1633 AD and was interred in Irreelagh Abbey in Co. Kerry,  was married twice, first to Honoria the daughter of Edmond Fitz Gibbon and secondly to Jane the daughter of Patrick Fitz Maurice  the White Knight of Kerry and produced Eoghan, Donnell who married Mary the daughter of Jenkin Conway of Kilrolan in Co. Kerry, Philip, Domonic and Ellen who married Finghin Mac Carthy of Gorgalt, Mary, Dermod and Julia. 125.Eoghan O Sullivan / The O Sullivan Mor of Dunkerron Castle who married Mary the daughter of Sir Edmund Fitz Gerald  of Ballymalow near Cloyne in Co. Cork. He had his property confiscated by Oliver Cromwell for involvement in the 1641  - 1654 AD Irish Rebellion. 126.Donnell O Sullivan who died in 1699 AD the father of 127.Rory Ramhar O Sullivan who married Juliana the daughter of Philip O Sullivan of Beara and produced 128.Donnell O Sullivan Mor who married Hester O Sullivan who died in 1796 AD and was interred at Killarney. When he died in 1754 AD he was to be the last from this Sept of The O Sullivan Mor and the Family from now on was reduced to poverty.  


O Sullivan Beara - Lords of Beara / Berehaven in Co. Cork. Alexander Martin Sullivan from this Family was a Barrister in Dublin  who was involved with The Nation and whose brother T.D. Sullivan was an M.P. and Lord Mayor of Dublin and proprietor of The Nation. In 1864 AD John O Sullivan of Beara of Keanitrengang / Coolagh in Co. Cork the son of John the son of Captain Murtogh O Sullivan  of Coolagh of Keim an Eigh in 1797 AD represented this Family. 120.Donnell was the father of 121.Dermod O Sullivan who was to be the father of 122.Philip O Sullivan of Beara, who died in 1660 AD, who compiled the Historie Catholica Hibernia that was published in Lisbon in 1621 AD. Ancestors: 110.Donnell Mor O Sullivan, 111.Giolla na Bhflainn a younger brother of 111.Giolla Mochuda, 112.Philip, 113.Annaidh, 114.Awley / Amhalghaidh who had a brother 114.Gilmochud the ancestor of the O Sullivan Maol Sept and the Mac Gillycuddys, 115.Teague, 116.Dermott Balbh who had 2 sons, 117.Donnell Crone and 117.Donogh whose son 118.Donnell was the father of 119.Dermod the father of 120.Sir Eoghan who Elizabeth 1st granted the rents of the Castle, town and territory of Dunboy / Dun Bhuidhe with 57 carrucats of other territory who in 1585 AD attended Perrot's Parliament  in Dublin. James 1st granted his son 121.Eoghan the rents and his heirs of Dunboy but his son 122.Colonel Donnell was to lose the Estates for his commitment to the Stuarts, but in 1660 AD they were restored by Charles 11. 117.Donnell Crone was the elder son, who was to be the father of 118.Donnell the father of 119.Dermod an Phudar who married married Julia the daughter of Mac Carthy Reagh and was burnt to death in his castle of Dunboy after a barrel of gunpowder exploded. His brother 119.Awley / Amhlaoibh the Tanaiste died the same year.120.Donnell his son married the daughter of Sir Donnell O Brien of Thomond  and had 2 sons 121.Donnell and 121.Dermod who was to die at Corunna aged 100 years of age whose wife also died soon after, and their son 122.Philip was an officer in the Spanish Navy, 120.Donnell was killed in 1563 AD by Mac Gillycuddy, 121.Donnell Cam O Sullivan who was the Prince of Beara in 1581 AD defeated the English commander Captain Zouche killing 300 of his men in the battle. In 1600 AD he acknowledged 126.Aedh / Black Hugh O Niall the Prince of Ulster as the High King of Ireland / Ard Righ and in 1602  AD Dunboy was attacked  by the English under Carew and 143 of his followers were  killed without mercy for defending it and he was declared an Outlaw by the English. In 1603 AD he left Co. Cork with 1,000 followers to go up to O Rourke in Breifne to join up with 126.Aodh O Niall. In 1604 AD he went to Spain where King Philip gave him a position and declared him a Knight of St. Jago and Earl of Bearhaven. His wife, Ellen was a daughter of Donnell O Sullivan Mor. He was to be assassinated in Madrid at 57 years of age by Bath who had been sent there by the English to carry it out . 122.Donnell O Sullivan, his son, was the Prince of Beara and the Earl of Bearhaven who joined the army and was killed at Belgrade by the Turks. 


O Sullivan. A Sept / Family branch, who had their territory in Co. Galway in Southern Connacht.


Mac Sully. Heremonian Dal Cuinn Colla Da Crioch Cenel Rochada Fernmag (Fer Fermaighe) Farney Sept / Family branch, who had their territory at Farney in Co. Monaghan in Southern Ulster. Especially see Mac Solly.


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