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                                                                                                                                              THE ORGANIC BODY - 1.


                                                                                                                                                      TOXINS  - TERMS

N.B: *You are what you Eat and Breathe! If you do not change the direction in which you are headed you will certainly end up where you are going!                                                       

The Organic Body: The basic origins of any Disease in the Body can be related initially to Mineral deficiency and / or co - related to Vitamin deficiency, and in this more "modern era" also to many Toxins and Drugs. Infectious Disease can be curtailed if the Organic Body can either be kept in, or returned to, its Natural Balance and to do this in this "modern era" you must improve your diet!  To this end all food should be Organically produced by concentrating on individual fresh foods that are part of an Animal or a Plant.  Also use Stainless Steel or Pyrex to cook in and be wary of non - stick pans lined with Chemicals that wear off, and Aluminium saucepans.                                            

Toxins are stored initially in the Liver to be treated, but the overload is stored in the Body Fat in unwanted Adipose Tissue. When or if the Body Fat is used up for Energy the Toxins are then released and flow freely throughout the Bloodstream passing through the Brain, the Heart and the other Organs in the Body. Toxins such as Blackheads, Pimples and Whiteheads are eliminated through the Skin.  Social Drugs: Alcohol, Chocolate, Coffee, Nicotine and Tea are full of Toxins. Toxins are taken up as various Chemicals, (Usually only Fat Soluble) they enter the Body via Breathing, Drinking, Food, Medications, Swallowing, and through the Skin and other Bodily openings.  Agricultural and Processed food Additives, Environmental Toxins, and the dangers inherent in Microwaves and Mobile Phones all add to a previously unheard of overload of Toxins in the Body. Over - Heated foods such as Margarine and other Hydrogenated Fats (Trans Fatty Acids) are in reality Altered Fats that increase the chances for Cancer, Atherosclerosis and Heart Disease in the Body. Overcooked Fats contain Acrylamide that can cause Infertility, damage to the Nervous System and lead on to Cell Mutations and Cancer particularly in the Breast, Uterus, Adrenal Glands and the Scrotum. N.B: Do not Overheat any food!!



Adipose Tissue: is Fatty Tissue in the Body.           Alkali: is the opposite to Acid.

Allergen: A substance that is created due to an Allergic reaction in the Body.

Alterative: Herb or other substance that assists to remove Toxins.

Amenhorhoea: No Menstrual periods during the productive years.    Antibodies: A substance that destroys Antigens.

Antigen: A substance, usually a Protein foreign to the Body that causes the formation of Antibodies within the Body.

Anthelmintic: Herb or other substance that acts against Intestinal Parasites.

Astringent: Herb or other substance that tightens Tissues, by acting on the Tissue Proteins.

Atheroma: A degenerative change within the Walls of the Arteries.    

Bioflavonoids: A group of Compounds in Plants, usually associated and acting with Vitamin C,

Bitter: Herb or other substance that stimulates Digestion, particularly the flow of Stomach Acid,

Bolus: A lump of food, prepared for swallowing by the action of Saliva.

Candida albicans: An Organism, which can exist in a Mould or Fungi form that is responsible for the Symptoms associated with Candidiasis.

 Carcinogenic: A substance that can cause Cells to become Cancerous.

Carminative: A Herb or other substance that reduces Flatulence.

Chelating Agent: A type of Compound that combines with Ions, usually MetalIons.      Colitis: Inflammation of the Colon.

Demulcent: A Herb or other substance that contains Mucilaginous components that are Soothing and Protective.

Diverticuli: Pouches that form in the Walls of the Colon.          Diverticulitis: Inflammed Diverticuli.

Dhea: DeHydroEpiAndrosteron.     

Dyspepsia: Indigestion felt in the Chest or Upper Abdomen, usually involving Heart Burn, Nausea and Pain.

Enzyme: A Biological Catalyst Synthesis that is controlled by a Genetic Code in the Cells.

Hydroxlate: To add Hydrox Groups / Part of the Water Molecule.      Hypocholesterolemic: Low level of Cholesterol in the Blood.

Hypolipidemic: A Low level of Lipids or Fats in the Blood.

Laxative: A Herb or other substance that stimulates Bowl action. N.B: A strong Laxative can cause Diarrhoea.

Mucilage: A viscuous substance produced by Plants.       Pathogen: A Harmful Organism.

Phagocytosis: The action a Cell performs when it encloses and engulfs an external substance or Micro - Organism.  

Proanthocyanidins: Colourless Compounds related to Bioflanoids, that can convert towards red, physiologically active, commonly associated with Vitamin C.

Prophylactic: A substance or action that prevents an otherwise possible or likely outcome.     Prostatis: Inflammation of the Prostate Gland.

Psoriasis: A Skin Disease characterized by raised Red Patches and Scaly Flakes of Dead Skin.

Purgative: A very strong Laxative that causes significant evacuation of the Colon.

Putrefaction: The progressive decomposition of Organic matter, usually Proteins and usually in the absence of Oxygen.

Rhizome: A prostrate root - like Stem that sends out Roots.      Sepsis: Infection or Poisoning caused by the growth of Micro - Organisms.

Sialogogue: A Herb or other substance that stimulates the flow of Saliva.

Tincture: Solution obtained when the active ingredients of a Herb are extracted into a strong Alcohol solution.

Vasodilator: A Herb or other substance that causes the Veins and Capillaries to Dilate.    


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