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                                                                                                                                        THE BODY - 2     (DIET)  


A Diet for a Healthy Body: Breakfast: Allow 20 minutes each morning to eat Fresh Fruit Salad and Yoghurt,  Lunch: A box of Vegetables and some lean Protein. Begin with a Starting Diet that could include Culinary Herbs used for flavour and Herbal Teas for Fluids to drink and eventually move onto a Maintenance Diet ,  Always drink plenty of water, Buy a Water Purifier. (Domestic Tap Water is not good enough as it contains many Chemicals from Aluminium to Chlorine along with many other Toxins.) Increase the intake of Fruit and Vegetables and cut down on Processed Foods, Fats and Sugars.

Fats ( 2 x Types) in the Body, and both are stored initially in the Liver, then in the Body Fat. (1) Water Soluble is easily dispersed by the Body. (2) Fat Soluble: These contain the Toxins as they are Hydroxylated and carried to the Liver, producing Compounds more Toxic then the original. When the Fat breaks down the Toxins are left in the Bloodstream, and continue to travel through all of the Organs, including the Brain, Weight Gain can mean that there are increased Toxins being stored in the Body, Fat and Sugar laden foods do not give the Nutrients for the Energy required, Reduce the intake of Toxins and improve your Diet, Use Herbs or any other supplements that are specific to your own particular needs.

Cleaning up your act: Do not use Chemicals, remove the Additives and Chemicals you are already consuming. Do not eat Fat - Laden Takeaway foods as this gives your Body something extra to cope with. (Organic Food saves your Body from having to cope with the Toxins). Keep away from Polluted Environments, Spray Chemicals, using Mobile Phones or sitting close to or in front of the T.V. 

Detox Regime: This takes 4 weeks and there are 4 ways for "The Body" to eliminate the Toxins, (1) the Digestive System, (2) the Kidneys, (3) the Lungs and (4) the Skin, Make a list to remind yourself what you are "Willing to do" each week or month, to make a difference to your Body. * Watch or turn the T.V. slightly sideways. *Get a Water Purifier. * Do not use Spray Cans of household cleaners. * Keep out of Smokey Pubs and similar areas, Do not use Insect Killers or Sprays, Buy only Organic Cleaning Materials. The more Toxins removed from the Environment the fewer your Body has to deal with.

 Week 1 : Take things easy the first week and slow down and eat only when hungry, High Fibre, Bulky Foods that are naturally low in Calories, and this will make you lose Weight, as it is added to by the loss of Unwanted Fluids previously retained in the Body. Increase your intake of Fruit and Vegetables and cut down on Salty Foods and this will change the Sodium and Potassium levels in "The Body" and also your Fluid Balance. Weight loss will then come due to eating less and eating better. The longer you continue to eat without added Chemicals the better for your Body. *Fruit and Vegetables will Alkalize your Body and provide most of the Trace Nutrients. *Fish will ensure sufficient Protein and some essential Fatty Acids. *Brown Rice will make you feel satisfied and provide Fibre and B - Group Vitamins. *Olive Oil provides essential Fatty Acids and stimulates your Gall Bladder. Frequently use fresh Vegetables such as Garlic, Onion, Artichoke, Beetroot and those. from the Cabbage Family. (All are good for the Liver, which is the Organ that is going to do all of the hard work to remove the Toxins.) Garlic and Onions will discourage Moulds and Parasites in the Digestive Tract.  Add Linseeds by sprinkling over the Salads and also add to Vegetable dishes, N.B: Always add at the last minute just before eating as otherwise they may thicken up and spoil. (Otherwise use Psyllium Husks or Slippery Elm Powder.) 

Breakfast: Fresh Fruit or fresh Fruit Salad. If more is needed, use cooked Brown Rice or 1 or 2 Rice Cakes.  Lunch: Fresh Vegetable Salad with some Fish. Make a Salad Dressing from Olive Oil and either Lemon Juice or Vinegar, add as many Herbs as needed, such as Dandelion Leaves, Parsley, Nasturtium Leaves and Flowers, Watercress and also Seeds such as Celery and Dill, and include crushed or chopped fresh Garlic. (You can use Culinary Herbs to suite for their flavour and their particular healing properties.) * Fresh Fish is better then tinned Fish, but if used choose Sardines or Salmon rather then Tuna, in plain brine or Olive Oil. Dinner: *Home made Vegetable Soup: some Meat or Fish Bones can be used, add Vegetables (but don't overcook) and mixed Herbs. Make the Meat or Fish stock up first, if required, add Herbs and Spices from the start, Strain, then add the Vegetables and cook until they are tender. Or use fresh Vegetable Salad composed of plenty of fresh green Leaves and a Herbal Dressing. Eat a large plateful of steamed fresh Vegetables with Fish, Brown Rice and a Side Salad (Eat lots of fresh Salads.)  Or stir - Fry Vegetables with plenty of Herbs to suite, including slices of fresh Ginger or make a Curry and add a variety of Spices including Cayenne, Coriander, Cardamom and plenty of Turmeric to aid Digestion and produce other benefits. (Fresh Stinging Nettles also can be used if available.) Make a Pesto like sauce from a cupful of finely chopped Herbs, some crushed Garlic and Olive Oil. Serve with Brown Rice to add flavour. (A wide range of Herbs can be added this way.)

 Dessert: If required, fresh Fruit and Herbs. Peppermint Leaves can be added to a fresh Fruit Salad or Cinnamon or Nutmeg to Apples and Pears. Snacks: Fresh Fruit or Raw Vegetable pieces: Make a dip from Olive Oil and fresh Lemon Juice (or include Herbs.) or a dish of Seeds to suite. e.g. Carminative Seeds such as Cardamom or Cumin, or if Candida is the problem include Pumpkin Seeds. Drink: Aloe Vera Juice once or twice a day and at least 2 Litres of Water or similar Fluids (Water, Fruit Juices, Herbal Teas, Dandelion Coffee and Soups.) N.B: Do not include Alcohol, Soft Drinks, Tea or Regular Coffee.)

WEEK 2: Fresh Fruits, Salads and plenty of Vegetables as previously utilized in Week, 1 except now you can add, if you like, Legumes such as Red Kidney Beans and Lentils, and Soya Bean products such as Soy Milk and Soy Yoghurt. You can also add Eggs and Chicken to your choice of Proteins. You can also add other Grains such as Millet, Quinoa or Spelt. (But not Wheat, Barley, Oats, Rye or Corn.) Also include Raw Nuts and Seeds in addition to Pumpkin Seeds. (None Roasted or Coated in Fats and overheated.) Drink as much water as possible! Nibbles: Heat Olive Oil in a pan gently, (Don't let is Smoke) add Cayenne Pepper, Powdered Coriander, Cumin, Fenugreek, Mace, Dill and crushed Garlic, (avoid Paprika and Turmeric as they can stain your fingers and clothes.) Add Celery Powder or Celery Salt, freshly ground Black Pepper and any other Spices required. Heat gently for 5 minutes then add Nuts or Seeds, including Pumpkin Seeds, Cucumber Seeds, Sunflower Seeds and Linseeds. Add Nuts later, but never Peanuts as they are not a nut, but a bean that contains an anti - Nutritive factor that blocks your own Digestion making them and other foods difficult to Digest. They also contain a Toxic and Carcinogenic Mould called Aphlotoxin.

Week 3: Fresh Fruit, Salads and plenty of Vegetables. You can also remain on the Week 1 or 2 diet if required, but you can also add all of the other Grains, except Wheat. (Oats, Oat Cakes and Rye Breads are O.K.) You can also now add Meat (but not Sausages and other Processed Meats. Also no Dairy Products. N.B: Dairy Products and Wheat produce unwanted Mucus in those who are susceptible.) Drink as much water as possible and include Herbs previously selected to suite.

Week 4: Fresh Fruits, Salads and plenty of Vegetables. You can now also include Wheat & Dairy Products in the Diet but limit the amounts particularly the Hard Cheeses. Leave out Highly Processed foods and those laden with Sugar or Saturated Fats based on Refined White Flour and also White Flour Products,     Use beneficial Herbs & Spices in your diet making them a permanent part of the diet and drink plenty of Water and replace Coffee & Tea with Herbal Teas or Dandelion Coffee with Chicory permanently,  Do not drink Alcohol, but drink Wine instead of Spirits and even replace this with Water.


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