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                                                       10 Tincture Herbs to suite a general Detox

(1) Gentian Root: A Medicinal Sialogogue and Bitter herb and Gastric Stimulant to ensure the Digestive System gets off to a good start, and it is the most effective. Activates the Stomach, the Liver and the Gall Bladder and the whole of the Intestinal System functions. You can also choose Culinary Herbs to suite instead, such as Cayenne, Ginger or Thyme. *Also include Carminative Culinary Herbs and Spices to relieve Gas Conditions, by drinking 1 or 2 x cups of Peppermint Tea throughout the day to relieve any trapped Wind.  

(2 ) Milk Thistle: is an anti - Oxidant, Chologogue, Demulcent and Galactogogue herb that supports the Liver, soothes any parts of the Digestive Tract that requires healing and provides anti - Oxidant activity against Toxins. Or, Dandelion: Could be used instead for the Liver as it too is a very good Chologogue herb as it improves Bowel movements / Peristalsis and prevents Constipation. Add the Leaves to the Salad and Vegetable dishes and drink the Root ground up and roasted as a Coffee with Chicory. It is also a Diuretic, Laxative and Tonic.

(3) Rhubarb Root: Is an Astringent, Bitters and Laxative herb and deals with Bleeding, and Tones the Muscles of the Colon Walls normalizing Peristaltic action in the Bowels and contributes to good Digestion in the Stomach, Adds to food Digestion in the Stomach, Also drinking Rosehip Tea, Dandelion Tea and eating Horseradish Sauce (Home made) will also help, as do Curries made with Cayenne and Chilli.

(4) Cat's Claw: Stimulates, balances, adjusts and supports the Immune System by acting as an anti - Oxidant and Heart Tonic herb, as an Adaptogen it balances Female Hormone disturbances, and relieves Arthritis. *As an anti - Inflammatory, anti - Viral, Parasiticide it is a Digestive anti - Microbial agent against Bacteria and Viruses, As an anti - Inflammatory it settles Inflammation in the Digestive Tract and other Bodily Systems,  Also add plenty of Garlic and Nasturtium Leaves in cooking and Salads and plenty of Thyme to flavour, if required.

(5) Poke Root: For the Lymphatic System, especially good for Swollen Glands. Being anti - Catarrhal it clears the Lungs, Nose and Sinuses and acts as a Purgative for Constipation.

(6 ) Buchu: As an anti - Septic herb it prevents Infection of the Kidneys and Urinary Tract and encourages the loss of any waste Fluids the Body is holding onto and therefore encourages the flushing out of Toxins. Acts also as a Diuretic for the Kidneys (one of the best,) Other Diuretics can include Cucumber Flesh and Seeds, Celery Seeds, Chervil and fresh Corn Silk, Horseradish and Mustard. You can also cook raw Stinging Nettle Leaves and use for the same. N.B: Couch Grass is also good, but is better used as an Infusion or Tea.

(7) ColtsfootIs the Lung herb. It is anti - Tussive, anti - Catarrhal, Demulcent, Diuretic and Expectorant and combines well with other herbs. As an Expectorant it clears Catarrh and Toxins from the Lungs. As a Demulcent it soothes damaged Mucous Membranes. As a Diuretic it benefits the Urinary Tract. Or, N.B: Lobelia: Is a more powerful Lung herb, but is best used when there is a specific Lung Condition, although it has fewer side benefits then Coltsfoot.

(8) Red Clover: For the Skin as an Alterative, anti -Spasmodic and Expectorant to expel unwanted Mucus that may be produced at the start, and it combines well with other herbs. Or, N.B: Burdock and Cleavers, (Digestive and Diuretic) and Stinging Nettles are also good for the Skin. Poke Root is good also, and also for the Lymphatic System, but has been already included.

(9) Schizandra Berry: Anti - Oxidant and an anti - Hepatotic as it protects the Liver. Also a Tonic for the Central Nervous, Respiratory and Immune Systems and the Uterus. It improves Lipid and Carbohydrate Metabolism. Gives a real boost to the Immune System. (One to use for long term health.)

 (10) Ginseng: Stomachic, anti - Depressive / Mental Booster for Fatigue and Lethargy. As an Immune Stimulant and Tonic it will increase Physical health and well - being and gives an Energy boost. 

Febrifuge Herbs: N.B: These are Medicinal herbs, particularly the First Seven, and are not Nutritional herbs, and should be taken only when required.  They are not included for any increase in Temperature, but if required at any stage you can use Culinary Diaphoretics for removal of Toxins via the Skin in Perspiration and Sweat. Febrifuge herbs include, Cayenne, Ginger in Curries or drink Ginger or Peppermint Teas and add Oregano to the Salad Herbs. N.B: If all of the herbs to be used are in a Tincture form they may be combined in equal proportions and take 2 to 3 x teaspoonfuls of the mixture in water three time a day. This is less then the daily dose for each individual herb, but if you are not specifically ill this will suffice as the herbs will also overlap and they will have an interactive and cumulative effect. (Alternatively you can take them all separately.) Some may be in Tablet form and some may be already combined. Take them all for the First Week and if you have no specific symptoms you could reduce to once a day in the Second Week and again in the 3rd and 4th Weeks.  But if you feel you need to take the mixture, take it 3 times a Day for the First Week, twice a day for the Second Week and once a Day for the 3rd and 4th Weeks. Then Stop and keep it on hand until you feel the need again. To maintain your health take a dose or two as you feel the need to. You can drink the Red Clover Tea and take Schizandra for a long - term Detox and anti - Oxidant. Always include the Culinary herbs and Leaves in your diet and drink various Herbal Teas suitable for your needs along with (Dandelion Coffee with Chicory) on a daily basis. 

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