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The Blood:  Cleansing Salad: Collect Blackberry, Catnip, Coriander, Dandelion, Greater Celandine, Nasturtium, Pansy, Primrose and Yellow Dock Leaves. Clean and wash and add the Leaves from a full head of Lettuce. Then add Pumpkin Seeds, some finely grated Ginger and toss with a *Cleansing Salad Dressing. Put in a wooden Bowl and decorate with the edible Flowers of Marigold, Nasturtium, Borage, Chives and Red Clover. *Cleansing Salad Dressing: 3 Parts of Walnut Oil with one part Apple Cider Vinegar and add Caraway and Celery Seeds and the Leaves of Dill, Fennel, Mint and Thyme to suite your taste and include Garlic. Herbs: Sarsaparilla, Sassafras, Thuja and Yellow Dock. A Garden Blood Cleansing Tea: Collect equal parts of any of the following herbs, Dandelion Leaves, Stinging Nettle Leaves, Primrose Flowers and Leaves, Young Elder Shoots, Red Clover Flowers and Peppermint for flavour and to clear the Head. Chop the herbs, put in a teapot and pour on boiling water and steep for a few minutes. If some of the Leaves are too Bitter sweeten with a small amount of Honey.

The Bowel: Must have a High Fibre intake from Fruit and Vegetables and Whole Grains. Bulking agents include Bile Acids, and Bile Salts from the Gall Bladder and together with the food put pressure on the Colon Walls. If there is insufficient Bulk and insufficient Bile produced then too much water is reabsorbed and the waste becomes too hard and small and slows down and Constipation and Toxin absorption occurs. To correct this you must increase the Fibre content in the diet (This is not actually fibrous, but made up of Non - Digestible Carbohydrates, or you will have to take Laxatives. As these are Non - Digestible they cannot be absorbed into the Body's System, but travel from the Stomach to the Small Intestine intact and enter the Colon. There, they actually provide food for Micro - Organisms in the Lower Digestive Tract who then multiply and become 50% of the resulting Waste. The Non - Digestible Carbohydrates also absorb and hold onto Water and this keeps the Waste, Wet, Bulky and Soft. This also creates pressure on the Colon Walls and a "wave like motion" / Peristalsis) propels the Waste material along the Colon towards the exit. Therefore it is really important to increase the Non - Digestible Carbohydrates in the diet especially Vegetables that are Fibrous and also Fruit to a lesser extent, but also include Linseeds / whole or ground, Slippery Elm Powder and Psyllium Husks. Eat only whole Grain not Bran, Whole meal Flour not White Flour, Brown Rice instead of White Rice, Oat Cakes or Rye Biscuits instead of Wheat. Drink plenty of water to create Bulk and consume it "before and after a meal" not during. 1 x glass of Wine with a meal helps to stimulate the Digestive Juices acting as Bitters, if you drink any more then this it draws off the Liver to break down the Alcohol. (Red Grapes contain the anti - Oxidants found in Red Wine.

The Brain requires 1 - 2 Litres of Water a day. (Drink 1 x Pint of water before each meal.) N.B: Silver Amalgams in the Teeth are 50%Mercury, while Aluminium is in most Commercial and Chemical Antacids and both can create Toxicity in the Brain.

The Endocrine System; Hormones are the messengers of the Glandular / Endocrine System, which is the control centre for all Body activities. These are Gland Secretions carried in the Bloodstream to the various Organs. Imbalances in any part of this complex system can produce a wide range of symptoms. Many herbs assist the Endocrine System such as Poke Root. Hyper - Thyroidism: A Condition were the Thyroid Gland is over - active react badly to Seaweed in the Diet. Hypo - Thyroidism: is were the Thyroid Gland is under - active. Both can cause a Goitre underneath the base of the Neck where it joins the Jaw and is a movable, hard, round lump. N.B: Do not confuse with a Lymphatic Lump or Swelling. (Blue Flag is specific for Thyroid balance.) Cushing's Disease: of the Endocrine System is a benign Tumour of the Pituitary Gland, which controls all of the other Glands. Symptoms: In Horses a very long Coat, which does not fall out in the Spring or Summer, along with Lethargy and Weight Loss despite an increased appetite, and water consumption. 

The Digestive System: It is important to get a good flow of Digestive Juices to have a normal Digestion by increasing the Saliva in the Mouth so eat slowly and chew the food. This action breaks down the food and means less work for the Stomach and Intestines and gives the rest of the Digestive Tract time to go into action. It also gives the Stomach time to produce the Digestive Enzymes and Alkali Fluids and especially the Gall Bladder time to release sufficient Bile. All of this allows the right Peristaltic action that propels the food through the System, at the correct rate. It is also very important to try to eventually have 2 to 3 Bowel / Peristaltic movements a day to have a normal functioning Body. You must eat less Processed foods and Low Fibre foods, as it is Bulk that is required to stimulate the activity within the Colon. By including plenty of Fruit and Vegetables in your diet and by adding Linseeds this result should eventually be achievable. N.B: Always add the Linseeds just before serving as they have a tendency to swell and therefore provide Bulk and you can either Swallow whole or chew.)

The Digestive Tract: Herbs to suite: Linseed / Flaxseed, Pysillium Husks and Slippery Elm Powder.

Detoxification via the Digestive Tract and Liver:  Normal Peristalsis / the Wave like action in the Bowel is Stimulated through the production of Bile to the Gall Bladder and from there into the Small Intestine. By assisting to move the food along the Digestive Tract the Liver prevents Constipation. This prevents the formation and build - up of Toxins in the Digestive Tract and their absorption and re - absorption into the Bloodstream. The flow of Bile allows Fats to be digested properly and prevents an increased load of Toxins in the Digestive Tract. The Digestive Tract is lined by a Mucilaginous material to protect the Muscular Walls beginning at the Mouth, and continue on through the Oesophagus and the Colon as Saliva, and the Mucus produced by the Mucous Membranes that go all the way through. A normal flow of Saliva is essential as a trigger, to Stimulate the Digestive System into action. N.B: Chewing Gum is not good for you as it over - stimulates the Stomach Acid and can lead to exhaustion of the Cells that produce the Stomach Acid. Saliva has in it Substances that protect the Lining of the Mouth and hold the food together as one Bolus. It also contains a number of Digestive Enzymes, particularly the ones that break Carbohydrates down into simple double Sugars, such as Glucose, joined together. If you do not chew properly the food is wasted as when the food reaches the Stomach they become Inactive. Sialagogue herbs stimulate the flow of Saliva such as Cayenne, Ginger, Liquorice, Tamarind and Turkey Rhubarb Root. Buy fresh Tomatoes, Onions, Garlic and other herbs to suite and try to make your own "extras" such as Tomato Sauce with fresh Organic ingredients. Spend some extra time a day on healthy Shopping by seeking out better fresh foods. Processed Foods usually mean that the manufacturers have added one or more Chemicals to refine the Colour, the Consistency, the Flavour or the Shelf Life and this only adds more Toxins for your Body to deal with, which is itself Organic. Nitrates are used on Meat to kill the Bacteria, to brighten the Meat to look redder and fresher and give it a Meatty flavour, especially Bacon. When the Meat is swallowed the Nitrate combines with the Amino Acids of the Meat Protein in the presence of the Acid in the Stomach and make Compounds known as Nitrosamines that are Toxic and maybe even Carcinogenic. Constipation creates Fermentation and more Toxins in the Bloodstream by absorption through the Colon Walls while waiting to be expelled. N.B: Dates, Prunes and Figs are in themselves not Laxative, but Dried Fruits are, because of the Pesticide used to improve their shelf life and this Irritates the Colon, which is not good for the Body. Many Dried Fruit Bars contain Cascara or Senna both of which are severe Laxatives.

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