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The Immune System: Fights against Toxins and Pathogens and certain foods. White Cells are part of it as they are free to travel throughout the Bloodstream and Tissues and devour Antigens / Foreign Substances. Proteins are part of it also to produce the Antibodies needed to destroy or deactivate the Antigens. When Inflammation / redness / heat swelling develops the Immune System is activated. Toxins overload the Immune System and it needs Nutrients to fight. Distress can cause overload and a drop in White Cells. Sadness can cause an overload and a drop in White Cells. Anti - Microbials act against invading Micro - Organisms. Herbs to suite: Cat's Claw, Echinacea, Eucalyptus, Garlic, Liquorice Root, Myrrh, Nasturtium, Schizandra and Thyme.

 Diaphoretics and Febrifuges: With the Immune System in action, or Infection is present, the Temperature rises normally as the Immune Enzymes act more rapidly to each single degree of the rise in Temperature. Both of the above *Herb Groups combine to assist.      Diaphoretics: Increase Perspiration to eliminate Toxins through the Skin.                                                                                                             Febrifuges: Lower the Temperature in a constrictive way, instead of suppressing the Fever they encourage the process and increase its efficiency and reduce the time needed to beat the Infection. Herbs to suite: Angelica, Boneset, Catnip, Cayenne, Elder Berries and Flowers, Ginger, Hyssop, Peppermint, Pleurisy Root and Yarrow.

Anti - Germ Juice: Combine equal parts of Powdered Ginger and Garlic, add a bunch of Peppermint Leaves and a pinch of Cayenne Pepper. Pour on boiling water, add the juice of 1 Lemon freshly squeezed and sweeten with Honey. Between time replace the lost fluids with Elderberry Cordial and make a Salad that includes Nasturtium and Dandelion Leaves with plenty of Fresh Garlic in the dressing. Later when better make a Tea from Boneset and Catnip with Echinacea or Catís Claw.

The Kidneys and Bladder: The role of the Kidneys is more focused and it is two - fold as it has to maintain the various Balances and carry out Excretion. It also produces a Hormone called Rennin that maintains normal Blood Pressure so the Kidneys can Filter properly.

Excretion: Not everything that goes to the Kidneys can be Excreted as they are Selective in a two step process. Most substances enter the Urine and are filtered and they reabsorb the Compounds needed. These include Glucose, Amino Acids and Minerals that were previously circulating in the Bloodstream. Many Systemic Toxins created within the Body are excreted via the Kidneys, as are most of the Water Soluble Toxins originally taken in. Many other Minerals besides Potassium are lost during Urination and many Herbs contain some of these.

Balancers: They balance the amount of Fluid in the Body to ensure it is not Dehydrated or Overhydrated. They monitor the Salt levels, as originally the Human Diet was based on Vegetables that contained large amounts of Potassium, but over time the Kidneys adapted and retained the Salt  / Sodium as it was lacking in the Diet then. Now the reverse is the case with too much Salt being Digested and not enough Vegetables. This is now a strain on the Kidneys and its capacity to maintain the Mineral Fluid balance. (To maximize the Potassium intake eat more Fruit and Vegetables.) 

Rennin: Pressure is required on the Blood flow entering the Kidneys and Rennin is produced to raise Blood Pressure and can be effected by blocked Arteries, and Blood Pressure can be raised in the whole Body. It is important to keep the Arteries clear. Fluid is necessary and vital for the Kidneys, especially for Cystitis and Thrush, also Nutrient rich Vegetables and Fruits will benefit your Kidneys along with many Herbs.

Diuretic Herbs: Are used to increase the flow of Urine, to avoid excessive Fluid retention by normalizing the Urine flow to eliminate Toxins. N.B: Drink plenty of water when using them. Herbs to suite: Dandelion, Cleavers, Boldo, Buchu and  Couch Grass,

Urinary Anti - Septics: Herbs to suite: Bearberry, Birch - Silver, Celery Seeds, Juniper and Yarrow.

Diuretic Salad with Dressing: Leaves of Cleavers, Dandelion, Elder, Greater Celadine and Pansy and chop, and 1 x bunch of Celery and remove tough outer Stems and chop finely. 1 x bunch of Watercress 1 x Endive, a piece of Watermelon and dice the flesh after removing the Seeds and rind. 1 x Cucumber diced, a bunch of fresh Asparagus Spears, lightly steamed. Combine cubes of Cucumber & Watermelon and build a ring around the edge of the plate. Combine the chopped Leaves and put in the centre. Lay Asparagus on top and sprinkle over a handful of Fresh Chervil, Parsley & Tarragon Leaves. The Dressing: Combine 3 parts of Virgin Olive Oil with one x part of Wine Vinegar. Then add plenty of Celery Seeds, Golden Rod sometimes available Dried as Solidago Teas, crushed Juniper Berries and a pinch of Mustard Powder. Combine all ingredients and drizzle over the Salad. Decorate with a few Borage or Daisy Petals.

 The Liver: Maintains normal health and should not be damaged in any way especially by overloading the Body with Toxins. A sluggish and Toxic Liver can cause Head Aches. Does more then any other Organ and eliminates Toxins and Unwanted Waste. The majority of food passes through the Liver after the Digestion Tract, then into the Bloodstream and then disperses throughout the System. Fats are digested and broken down into smaller molecules and some Fatty Acids go directly to the Liver.   Most Fats are packaged at the Wall of the Intestine into Chyclomicrons to be transported through the Bloodstream and the System, more easily then the Fats on their own. On reaching the Liver they are repackaged again to make it much easier still. They become V L D's / Very Low Lipoproteins and L DL's / Low Density Lipoproteins that make it easier to travel through the Bloodstream to the Organs and the Cells. The Proteins are broken down in the Digestive System into Amino Acids and absorbed, and travel to the Liver to be rebuilt into specific Proteins. The Liver changes the Amino Acids into what ever is required by the Body.

Carbohydrates are broken down into single Sugars in the Digestive Tract, absorbed and travel through the Body as Sugar, Glucose with some going to the Liver where it is taken it up if the Stores are low and made into Glycogen / Animal Starch. This is stored until Blood Sugar levels are low and it is then fed back into the Bloodstream.

Fat Soluble Vitamins can be stored in your Liver for future travel to any part of the Body. Vitamin A for one is combined with Retinol - Binding Protein made in the Liver to be carried through the Bloodstream. Vitamin D is converted from an Inactive Precursor form to a more active form in the Liver. Small amounts of Water Soluble Vitamins are stored in the Liver. (This is why the Liver from Animals is a rich source of Nutrients.)

*Several Minerals such as Copper and Iron are carried throughout the System attached to Carrier Molecules made in the Liver, which is a significant part of the Immune System. The Liver manages Hormones and Energy, creates Blood factors, removes unwanted Ammonia and old Hormones, metabolizes Cholesterol and carries out hundreds of other actions in the Body. 

Liver Conditions: Cirrhosis, Hepatitis and Jaundice. Liver Function Tests: Many of the problems won't show up so don't rely on Blood Tests just give your Liver all the help you can, when you can. 

Detoxification via the Liver:  Phase 1 is to mobilize the Toxins. Phase 11: is to package the Toxins into a form to do minimal damage so they can be excreted from the Body.

Detoxification via the Digestive Tract and Liver: Stimulates normal Peristalsis / Wave like action in the Colon through the production of Bile to the Gall Bladder and from there onto the Small Intestine. By assisting to move the food along the Digestive Tract the Liver prevents Constipation. This prevents the formation and build - up of Toxins in the Digestive Tract and absorption into the Bloodstream. The flow of Bile allows Fats to be digested properly and prevents an increased load of Toxins in the Digestive Tract. 

Systemic Cleansing: The Liver also breaks down many Toxins consumed, inhaled or absorbed through the Skin, some of which are converted into less harmful forms and others it breaks down completely. Some of the Fat - Soluble Toxins are converted into Water - Soluble Compounds that are excreted through the Liver or via the Bladder in Urine. Other Toxins it stores until it can deal with them and this puts a strain on the Liver, but reduces the effect they could have if allowed to roam freely throughout the Bloodstream. Other Toxins are packaged and put into storage in the *Adipose Tissues along with unwanted Fat / * Overweight Storage Area. Other Toxins are broken down in the Liver and reduced to harmless Compounds such as Carbon Dioxide and water.

Dandelion can be used on a daily basis to support the Liver and keep the Body healthy. Other Medicinal Herbs should be used only when necessary. The best two Liver Herbs are Dandelion and Milk Thistle. Other Herbs to suite: Greater Celandine, Balmony, Barberry, Black Root, Blue Flag, Boldo, Fringetree Bark, Golden Seal, Vervain, Wahoo and Yellow Dock.


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