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The Lungs: Blocked Sinuses and a congested Nasal Passage can lead to Headaches. Compounds inhaled by Smoking or by Inhaling it second hand are not Water Soluble. They are hydroxylated and carried to the Liver where they produce other Compounds that are even more Toxic. Toxins can also produce Mucus in the Bronchial Tubes and Nasal Passages that may be considered to be a Cold, but may be instead Allergenic Toxins. This can be a breeding ground for Pathogenic Bacteria creating more Toxins for the Body to eliminate. Herbs allow you to get rid of the waste Carbon Dioxide. Herbs to suite: Echinacea and Rosehips, Horehound and Lobelia or Coltsfoot and Peppermint. Also see Expectorants below. For a - Deep Cough and Wet Phlegm combine Coltsfoot and Peppermint.

The Digested Food / the Glucose from the Starches, the Fruits, Vegetables and Sugars, plus the Fats we consume are absorbed into the Bloodstream and carried to the Cells in the Body. The Cells take up the Glucose or Fats for their Energy. The Fats and Glucose are combined with the Oxygen breathed in to produce Energy and is then converted into Carbon Dioxide and water. The water is then released into the Urine. The majority of the waste Carbon Dioxide is removed in exhaled air as you breathe out. This also assists the Kidneys to maintain the proper Acid - Alkaline Balance. Unfortunately inward breaths not only also take in Oxygen, but also Toxins, Gases, Particles and Micro - Organisms. In the Bronchial Tubes the tiny hair like structures block most of the Particles and they bend and curl in only one direction like the fingers of the hand. They straighten out as you breathe in to act as filters. As you breath out this makes them curl upwards and act as sweepers by propelling the Particles back up the tubes as you exhale, and then assisted by normal Mucus, that sticks to the Particles, this stops you breathing them in further. It also encourages the expulsion of the Particles by stimulating Coughing or by blowing them out. Usually Cow’s Milk and other Dairy products trigger excessive Mucus, but Grain can also, especially Wheat followed by Barley, Oats and Rye. Despite this there could also be Systemic Allergens causing other unrecognized problems. The Lungs must be totally healthy along with the Bronchial Tubes to be fully healthy, and Toxin build up should be avoided.

Expectorants: Herbs that expel Mucus and Unwanted material and are good top remove excess Mucus, Catarrh and Phlegm in the back of the Nose and for Throat and Nasal Drip. Allergies (Both Food and Environmental may also be involved and must be eliminated.) N.B: Consider Allergy tests beside using Expectorant Herbs. Herbs to suite: Coltsfoot, Comfrey, Daisy, Elecampane, Grindelia, Horehound, Lobelia, Linseed / Flaxseed, Lungwort, Mullein, Pleurisy Root, Poke Root, Red Clover and Thuja.

The Lymphatic System: Toxins that have broken through the Digestive System barrier enter the Bloodstream and travel throughout the Body as do Toxins produced Internally. These have to be eliminated via the Kidneys usually, as they Filter the Blood and transfer the Toxins into the Urine to be expelled. Many Toxins escape from the Bloodstream and enter the Tissues and others will have also been produced in the Tissues themselves. All of these have to be rounded up by the one - way Lymphatic System that carries the Fluids back to the Bloodstream. Tissues that have a variety of different types of Cells that contain Fluids, which can contain Toxins. Some of the Fluid returns to the Bloodstream on its own and the Lymphatic System collects the dispersed Fluids and returns them to where they are needed. Collecting Waste produced also by the Cells and other Debris and Toxins, including Viruses and Bacteria. The Lymph Fluid travels through the Lymphatic System passing up the Arms, Legs and Trunk through the Lymph Glands situated throughout the Body in specific areas. The back of the Knees and in the Groin, the Elbows and Armpits in the Body at various points along the Main Blood Vessels, and in the Neck. The Glands take in the Viruses and Bacteria to deal with them and they swell up and become Tender and Painful. The Lymphatic Fluid enters the Veins near the Heart and then enters the Bloodstream and then onto the Kidneys where it is filtered and the Toxins removed and dispatched with the Urine. Herbs to suite -  Cleavers, Echinacea, Golden Seal, Marigold / Calendula, Poke Root and Wild Indigo Root. to Suite:

The Urinary System: Herb to suite - Buchu  especially for recurring Cystitis or Urethritis, and also good for damaged or shocked Kidneys, as it is quick acting and specific for the Endocrine System. N.B: Use on Professional advice only.

The Skin: The Skin is held to the Flesh as it protects the rest of the Body from the outside World keeping Unwanted substances and Organisms out and desirable substances in. It also protects the Inner Organs from Light and damage and keeps a constant Body Temperature. It is an Organ of elimination, by Perspiration and Sweat against Acne, Blackheads, Boils, Cysts and Whiteheads. (Toxins.) Eczema and Dermatitis are caused by Allergens. Poor Skin Tone and colour and previous Skin problems indicate Health Conditions. (Skin could be a Grey and Muddy in colour.) Alteratives clean the Blood. Herbs to suite: Blue Flag, Burdock, Cleavers, Figwort, Fumitory, Golden Seal, Nettle, Poke Root and Red Clover.

 Anti - Microbial Herbs: They deal with Unwanted Micro - Organisms as Millions of them are always on the Skin. - Echinacea, Eucalyptus, Thuja and Thyme.

 Vulneraries: Healing herbs, as the Internal Membranes are similar to the Skin. - Aloe Vera, Chickweed, Comfrey, Golden Seal, Horsetail, Irish Moss / Carragheen, Linseeds, Marigold / Calendula, Marshmallow, Slippery Elm Powder and Witch Hazel.   

The Stomach: is lined with a particularly strong Mucous Lining and if there is any damage to any part of this Lining then in addition any other Conditions can arise, such as Ulcers and pain, Toxins can enter. It must produce Hydrochloric Acid to create a good Digestive process. If there is a lack of it, the Pancreas will not produce sufficient Alkali or Digestive Enzymes within the Small Intestine. This then allows Pathogenic Organisms to create Constipation, etc. Sufficient Saliva, Mucus, Hydrochloric Acid and Digestive Enzymes must be produced or the food, including Allergens and Toxins, will not be broken down properly and absorbed intact into the Bloodstream. Essential Nutrients may also not be absorbed and this will affect the health of the Body. Slow food intake means Fermentation and new Compounds many of them Toxic are created. Poor Digestion encourages the growth of Unwanted Organisms that also produce Compounds that are Toxic and absorbed into the Bloodstream. Constipation then also produces Fermentation and further Toxins being absorbed into the Bloodstream.   



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