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                                                                                        Territories and Places - B.

BAC; an: A district in Co. Mayo in the mid - west of the Connacht Province.   

Bagna: Slieve Brawne in Co. Roscommon.

Bailbiloin; an; -  Babylonia.   Baile an Chlair: Claregalway in Co. Galway. 

Baile an Duin: Ballindoon the south end of Loch Arrow in Co. Sligo.    Baile an Lacha: See: Caislen Baile an Lacha.    Baile an Mutaig: Ballymote in Co. Sligo.    Baile an Scragin: in the south of Co. Westmeath or north of Co. Offaly.    Baile an Tobair: See Baile Tobair Brigte.    Baile Atha an Urchair: Ardnurcher in the south of Co. Westmeath.    Baile Atha Cliath: See Atha Cliath / near Dublin in Co. Dublin.    Baile Atha Fhir Dhea: See Ath Fir Diad / Ath Diad Meic Daman.    Baile Atha Lethain: See Ath Lethan.    Baile Atha Tid: Malahide in Co. Dublin.    Baile Atha Truim: See Ath Truim.    Baile Bec O Condican: Ballybeg near Tulsk in Co. Roscommon.    Baile Choilled Fobair: Castlefore in Co. Leitrim.    Baile Da Thi: Ballydavis in Co. Laois.    Baile Dalad: Ballydolly in Co. Antrim.    Baile Duna Moir: See Dun Mor.   Baile Elli: Ballybetagh including Cloonshee in Co. Roscommon.    Baile in  / Baile an:    Baile Locha Bo: Loughboe in Co. Sligo.    Baile Locha Decair: Ballyloughdacker in Co. Galway.    Baile Locha Garmain: Wexford town in Co. Wexford.    Baile Locha Luatha: Ballyloughloe in Co. Westmeath.    Baile Locha Mesca: Ballyloughmask in Co. Mayo.    Baile Meig Dubda: Ballymacooda in Co. Clare.    Baile Meic hOdaind: See Caislen Baile Meich Odaind.    Baile Meic Uilliam: Ballymacwilliam in Co. Offaly.    Baile Mor Ui Fhlainn: Ballymore  in Co. Roscommon.    Baile na Bragad: Braade in Co. Donegal.    Baile na Carrie: Carrigallen in the east of Co. Leitrim.    Baile na Cananach: Ballymagowan in Derry City in Co Derry.    Baile na Congbala: Conwal in Co. Donegal.    Baile na Gallme: See Gaillim.    Baile na hUama: Cavetown / Ballynahoogh in Co. Roscommon.    Baile Nua; an: See Caislen an Baill Nua.    Baile Sigmaind: Simonstown in Co. Westmeath.    Baile Tobair Brigte: Ballintober in Co. Roscommon.    Baile Topair Patrice: See: Topar Patraic.    Baile Tuama Uisce: near Co. Leitrim in the north of the Connacht Province and Co. Longford in the north - west of Northern Leinster border.     Baile Ui Bocan: Ballyboggan in Co. Meath.    Baile Ui Domnallan: Ballydonnellan in Co. Galway.   Baill: Buill.

Balla: Balla in Co. Mayo.    Banna; an: The River Bann.   

Baretaig, na: Barretts of Connacht Province.

Baroidig: Barretts of Munster Province.   

Bel an Atha Fado: Ballinafad in Co. Roscommon.  Bel an Atha Min: in Co. Roscommon.    Bel an Belaig: Bellarally in Co. Cavan.    Bel an Chlair: See Caislen Beoil an Chlair.    Bel an Droichit: Belladrihid in Co. Sligo.    Bel an tSnamfa:    Bel Atha Chasil Bracain: in Co. Roscommon.   Bel Atha Daire: A ford on the River Leanan near Rathmelton in Co. Donegal.    Bel Atha Daire Dubthaig: A ford on the Yellow River in Co. Leitrim.     Bel Atha Duin Imadain: on the River Suck near Dunamon in Co. Roscommon.    Bel Atha Feorainne: Ballyforain in Co. Roscommon.    Bel Atha Imper: at Emper in Co. Westmeath.    Bel Atha Lige: Ath Ligen near Killogilleen in Co. Galway.    Bel Atha Modo: Ballymoe in Co. Galway.    Bel Atha na Cennoiged: Belanganny / Millbrook in Co. Meath.    Bel Atha na Paliac: A ford on the River Inny at Pallas in Co. Longford.    Bel Atha hOa: Ballyhoe in Co. Meath.    Bel Atha Senaig: Ballyshannon in Co. Donegal.    Bel Atha Slisen: Ballaslishan Bridge on the Owenure River near Elphin in Co. Roscommon.    Bel Atha Tuilsei - at Tulsk in Co. Roscommon.    Bel Atha Uachtair: Ballyoughter near Elphin / Ail Finn in Co. Roscommon.    Bel Fersde: Belfast / Beoil Feirsde in Co. Antrim.    Bel Leu: Belleek in Co. Fermanagh.    Bel na Muilled: in Co. Roscommon.   

Belach an Chamain: Ballaghcommon in the north of Co. Tyrone.    Belach an Gamna: The road pass to the north of Limerick City.    Belach Buide an: A Pass in the Curlieu Hills at Ballagh Bay in Co. Sligo.    Belach Corrdoire: at Corderry in Co. Leitrim.    Belach Duin Iarainn: at Doonierin in Co. Sligo.    Belach Gabrain: Goresbridge in the east of Co. Kilkenny.    Belach na Bethige: Pedheravore's Road in Co. Cavan.    Belach na Fadbaige: The road between Limerick and Portcrusha in Co. Limerick.    Belach na hUrbron / Belach na hUrbrointed: Ballagh in Co. Roscommon.   

Benn Gulpan: Benbulbin in Co. Sligo.     Benn Uama: Cave Hill near Belfast in Co. Antrim.   

Bennada; an: Banada in Co. Sligo.

Bennan Brechmaige: Co. Leitrim - Co. Donegal border in Co. Donegal.   

Berna an Ibair: in the south - west of Co. Meath or the east of Co. Westmeath.    Berna an Mil: in Moylurg in Co. Roscommon.    Berna Bailb; an: in Tir Briuin na Sionna in Co. Roscommon.    Bernas: Barnesmore in the north - east of Donegal town in Co. Donegal.  

Biataig: Mac Veetys / Mac an Biataig.  

Blen Cupa: Bleancup in Co. Cavan.   

Bolcan; in: Drumlane in Co. Cavan.

Bragad Chuillid: Collinsford  / Bradhullian  in Co. Sligo.   

Branaig: Branaghs of North Co. Kerry.    Branaig: O Byrnes of Co. Wicklow.   

Bratshliab: Braulieve a mountain in the east of Co. Sligo on the Co. Leitrim / Co. Roscommon border.

Bregia / Brigia / Brega / Breg / Breagh: The Plain of Midhe / Magh Breagh - Magnificent Plain an ancient territory Campus Brigantium  / Plain of the Brigantes possessed at one time by the Brigantes / Clan na 34.Breoghan in the eastern part of Midhe where the kingdom contained 5 Triochached / Baronies that included Fingal a territory along the coast between Dublin and Drogheda. Fingal was named for a Norwegian colony in the 10th Century AD Fionn Ghaill / Fair Haired foreigners. the territory was from the River Liffey in Co. Dublin  to the River Boyne in Drogheda in the Leinster Province then to Kells and the regions around Tara, Trim, Navan Atheboy, Dunboyne, Maynooth, Lucan etc. and part of Co. Dublin north of the river Liffey / O Hart's Country the Princes / Tanaiste of Tara being 500,000 acres.

Brefne: Co. Cavan and Co. Leitrim.   Brefne Toir: Brefne Shliab Sair in Co. Cavan in East Breifne.    Brefne Ui Ruairc / Brefne O Shliab an Iaraind Siar West Breifne in Co. Leitrim.    Brefnig; na; Men of Breifne.

Bregmaine. O Brain territory in Co. Westmeath in the south - west of Northern Leinster.

Breicshliab: Bricklieve in Co. Sligo.

Buirges Cinn Trachta: Burrishoole / Buirios Umhall (The Borough of Umhall) in Co. Mayo.    

Buitleraig: The Butlers.

Bun Drobaisi: Bundrowes at the mouth of the River Drowse in Co. Donegal'    Bun Finne: Buninna in Co. Sligo.    Bun Gailme: See Caislen Bona Gaillme.


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