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                                                                                                                                     Territories and Places - Ce - Cl.

Ceauson - imaginary place.   

Ceis Corainn (Cruitiri) - Keshcorran near Corran in Co. Sligo.    

Cell Achaid - Killiaghan near Athlone in Co. Roscommon.    Cell Aichid  - Killeigh in Geashill in Co. Offaly.    Cell Airid - Killery in Tirerril in Co. Sligo.    Cell Alaid - Killala in Co. Mayo.    Cell an Ibair  - Killinure in Bunown  in Co. Westmeath.    Cell Athrachta - Killarght neat Coolavin in Co. Sligo.    Cell Barrfhinne - See: Caislen Chille Barrfhinne.    Cell Becain - Kilbeggan in Co. Westmeath.    Cell Bruig Baille in Tullaig - Kilbree in Ballintober in Co. Mayo.    Cell Cainnig - Co. Kilkenny.    Cell Cainnig - Kilkenny Abbey Kilkenny West in Co. Westmeath.    Cell Cellaig - Kilkelly near Kilmovee in Co. Mayo.    Cell Coinnig - See: Cell Cainnig.    Cell Colcan - Kilcolgan near  Dunkrellin in Co. Galway.    Cell Colmain - Kilcolman in Costello in Co. Mayo.    Cell Conn - for Cell Conaill - Kilconnell in Co. Galway.    Cell Craibnat - Kilcreevanty in Kilbrennan in Co. Galway.    Cell Cre - Kilcrea near Desertmore in Co. Cork.    Cell Crist - Christchurch  Dublin / Tempall Crist in Co. Dublin.    Cell Cruain - Kilcroan - in Ballymoe in Co. Galway.    Cell Cruimthir Fiachrach - Kilcrumeragh in Moycashel in Co. Westmeath.    Cell Cuairsige - Kilcoursey - Kilbride in Co. Offaly.    Cell Culi Siblinne / Cill Cula Sibrile - Kilcooley in Co. Roscommon.    Cell Da Lua - Killaloe in Co. Clare.    Cell Dara - Kildare.    Cell Deman - Ins Leitrim  / Mag Ragnaill's stronghold in Co. Leitrim.    Cell Duib Duin - Killadoon in Tirerril in Co. Sligo.    Cell Echi - in the south of Co. Westmeath.    Cell Ferga  - Killarga in Dromahaire in Co. Leitrim.    Cell Findabrach - Kilfenora in Co. Clare.    Cell Forga - See: Cell Ferga.    Cell Grene - in the south or east of Co. Longford.    Cell Icnichain - formerly Killicknan in Tibohine in Co. Roscommon.    Cell Lalocc - in Mac Branan's Land - Bumlin in Co. Roscommon.    Cell  - Kiltrustan, Cloonfinlough and west Lisnuffy in Co. Roscommon.    Cell Lomat - Killummod in Boyle in Co. Roscommon.    Cell  Maignenn - Kilmainhan in Dublin.    Cell Meic Callain - Kilmacallan in Tirerril in Co. Sligo.    Cell Meic Duach - Kilmacduagh in Kiltartan in Co. Galway.    Cell Meic Trena - Kilmactranny in Tirerril in Co. Sligo.    Cell Meodoin / Medoin - Kilmainemore and Kilmaine Beg in Co. Mayo.    Cell Mo - Chelloc - Kilmallock in Co. Limerick.    Cell Mor - Kilmore in Upper Loughtee in Co. Cavan.    Cell Mor na Sinna - Kilmore in Ballintober in the north of Co. Roscommon.    Cell Muire Atha Cliath - St. Mary's Abbey in Dublin.    Cell O Cillin - Killogilleen in Dunkellin in Co. Galway.    Cell O Donair - Killydonnell in Loch Swilly on Co. Donegal.    Cell Oirid - See: Cell Airdid.    Cell Ras - Kilross in Tirerril in Co. Sligo.    Cell Rignaici - Kilrainy in Carbury in Co. Kildare.    Cell Ronain - Kilronan in Boyle in Co. Roscommon.    Cell Rotan - Kilroddan in Tibohine in Co. Roscommon.    Cell Sexnen - Kilshesnan in Killasser in Co. Mayo.    Cell tSesin - Kilteashin in Kilbryan in Co. Roscommon.   

Cenannus - Kells in Co. Meath.    Cenel - Family of.    

Cend Ceti Tiri Tuathail - at Keadew in Kilronan in Co. Roscommon.    Cend Magair - Kinaveer at the head of Mulroy Bay in Kilmacrennan in Co. Donegal.    Cenn Tuirc - See: Caislen Cinn Tuirc.    

Cera (Crich Cera) - in Carra in Co. Mayo.   

Cethurlach - Carlow.   

 Cianacht - in Keenaught in Co. Derry.   

Ciarraige ; na Tri; territory in Co. Roscommon and Co. Mayo.    Ciarraige Airtig - territory in part of Kilnamanagh, Tibohine, Kilcolman and Castlemore in Co. Roscommon.    Ciarraige Iatharach - territory west of Airtech in Barony of Costello and Gallen in Co. Mayo.    Ciarraige (Locha na nArne) - territory around Loch Mannin in Costello in Co. Mayo.    Ciarraige (Meic Cethernaig) - territory part of Kilkeevin in Castlereagh in Co. Roscommon.    Ciarraige Luachra - territory included the northern half of Co. Kerry from the River Shannon to Tralee. The O Connors were the Kings there in 1366 AD.    Ciarraige Moigi Ai; - territory in Castlereagh in Co. Roscommon.   

Cillin Airbelaig - in the territory of Rory Mac Dermot in Boyle in Co. Roscommon.   

Cimocaig - Cusacks.    Circistoban - Crickstown in Ratoath in Meath.   

Clachan Mucada  - on Slieve Anier in Co. Leitrim.   

Clachoilin; an; in Southern Leitrim.   

Claenglais - Clonlish / Springfield  in Kilkeedy in Co. Limerick.   

Claenloch.    Claenloch - Loch Lannagh near Castlebar in Co. Mayo.     

Clar Atha Da Charad -  See: Caislen Clair Atha Da Charad,     

Clarens - Duke of Clarence 1470 AD.    

Cliara - Clare Island in Clew Bay / Oilen Ui Maille.   

Cloch Cinn Fhaelad - Cloghineely at Kilmacrenan in Co. Donegal. (Ua Baigill 1284 AD.)     Cloch Insi na Torc - Castle of Cherry Island in Garradice Loch in the east of Co. Antrim.     Cloch Locha hUachtair - Loch Oughter Castle in Co. Cavan.   

Clochar - Clogher in Co. Tyrone.    Clochar Ui Muirgili - Clogher at Eastenow in Boyle in Co. Roscommon.   

Cluain - Cluain Ferta, Cluain Lis Becc, Cluain Mac Nois.    Cluain Aine - Cloonany  at Castlejordan in Co. Offaly.    Cluain Aithnech - in Co. Roscommon.    Cluain Bolcain - at Cloonahee neat Strokestown in Co. Roscommon.    Cluain Ca - in Co. Roscommon.    Cluain Cairpthe - Kilbarry  in Termonbarry in the north of Co. Roscommon.    Cluain Carthaig -  Clooncarha in Kilmovee in Co. Mayo.    Cluain Catha - at Toomour in Co. Sligo.    Cluain Conmaicne - Cloone at Mohill in Co. Leitrim.    Cluain Chrnim - Clooncrim in Kiltullagh in Co. Roscommon.    Cluain Cummaisce - Boyle in Co. Roscommon.    Cluain Duilech - on the border of Co. Westmeath and Co. Longford.    Cluain E (o)is - Clones in Co. Monaghan.    Cluain Ferta Brenaind - Clonfert  - Co. Longford, Co. Galway.    Cluain Immorrius - in Killeigh  in Co. Offaly.    Cluain Laog - Clonleigh in Co. Donegal.    Cluain Lis Becc  - in Rathowen in Co. Westmeath.    Cluain Mac / Muc, Mucc / Nois - Clonmacnoise  - Garrycastle in Co. Offaly.    Cluain na Caillech - Cloonnacolly in Tibohine in Co. Roscommon.    Cluain O Conden - Cloonmagunnaun in Kilnamaragh in Co. Roscommon.    Cluain Ramada - Clonroad  in Drumcliff  in Co. Clare.    Cluain Ruis Luchain - in Boyle in Co. Roscommon.    Cluain Sencha - Cloonshannagh  in Bumlin in Co. Roscommon.    Cluain Sithe - Cloonshee in Claoncraff  in Co. Roscommon.    Cluain Suilind  - Cloonsellan in Kilteevan in Co. Roscommon.   Cluain Tuaisceart - Clontuskert  in Ballintober south in Co. Roscommon.

Cluainti; na;  - formerly Cloonties west of  Strokestown in Co. Roscommon. 


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