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                                                                                                                                   Territories and Places - Cn - Cu.

Cnoc an Boda - Knockavoe in Strabane in Co. Tyrone.    Cnoc an Chroma - in southern Co. Sligo and northern Co. Roscommon.    Cnoc an Scail.    Cnoc Laigen - Knocklane in Drumcliff in Co. Sligo.    Cnoc Leaaid - Knocklayd in Ballycastle in Co. Antrim.    Cnoc Muaide - Knockmoy in Tiaquin in Co. Galway.    Cnoc Tuag - Knochdoe in Lackagh in Co. Galway, Cnoc Ui Choscraig - Knockycosker in Newtown in Co. Westmeath.   

Coiced Conchobair - See: Ulaid.    Coiced Connacht - See: Connachta.    Coiced Muman - See: Muma.    Coiced Uladh; in Coiced. See: Ulaid.

Coill / Choill an;    Choill Airthir  - on Slieve Anierin in Co. Leitrim.    Choill an Chlachain  - Killycloghan in Cloonclare in Co. Leitrim.    Choill in Chlair  - Kilclare in Durrow in Co. Offaly.    Choill Droingi  - in Delvin in Co. Westmeath.    Choill Esa  - on Slieve Anierin in Co. Leitrim.    Choill Luigne -  South of Beltra in Ballysadare in Co. Sligo.   Choill Mor / Great Wood - formerly  in Monasterevin in Co. Laois.    Choill na nAmus - Kilnanaurse in Granard in Co. Longford.    Coill / Choill Ultach; an; - Killutagh in Co. Antrim.   

Coillin Ui Charthaigh - between Elphin and Mantua in Co. Roscommon.    Coillte Ballan - in Annaly in Co. Longford.    Coillte Conchobair - District from the River Feorish and the River Arigna  in the north - east of Boyle in Co. Roscommon.   

Coirrghsliab / Coirrghshliab / na Segsa / Seguse - the Curlieu Hills in the south of Co. Sligo and the north of Co. Roscommon.    Coll Bathar - near Elphin in Co. Roscommon.   

Conall - Cenel Conaill.    Conallaig - See Cenel Conaill.    Condere - Connor  district in Co. Antrim.   

Conmaicne - the territory covered by the Diocese of Ardagh O Ruaric in Co. Leitrim.    Conmaicne Rein  - the territory in the north of Co. Longford and the south of Co. Leitrim.    Conmaicne Cuile (Tolad) - the territory in Kilmaine / south of the River Robe. excluding part of Kilcommon in Co. Mayo.   Conmaicne (Duna Moir)  - in Dunmore in Co. Galway.    Conmaicne (na) Mara - Connemara in Ballynahinch in Co. Galway.    Conmaicnig - Men of Conmaicne.    Connachta - People of Connacht.   

Corca Athchlann - the district south of Strokestown in Co. Roscommon.    Corca Baiscinn / Bascinn - Baronies of Clonderlaw, Moyarta, Ibricken in Co. Clare. Mac Mahon King of in 1359 AD.   Corca Laigde - Their territory was in Carbury , Beare and Bantry in Co. Cork. O Driscoll / Ua hEidersceoil King of in 1418AD.    Corcach - Cork City.     Corcmodruad  / Corumdruad / Corcumruad - Barony of Corcomroe  and the Burren in Co. Clare.    

Corr an Droichit  - in Killukin in Co. Roscommon.    Corra an Gabann - in the north of  Ballintober in Co. Roscommon.    Corran; in; - Barony of Corran in Co. Sligo.  

Craeb - Carthaind - Creevekeeran in Tynan in Co. Armagh.   Craeb / Chraeb Liath; an; - Creevlea in Killanummery in Co. Leitrim.    Craibech / Chraibech; in; - Creevagh in Forgney in Co. Longford.   

Creca - Cregga in Kiltrustan in Co. Roscommon.   

Crecan; in; - Creggs in Kilbegnet in Co. Galway.    Crechan - Craghan Island in Lower Loch Erne.   

Credran - Coluim Cille in Drumcliff in Co. Sligo.   

Cret - Creagh in Kiltoghert in Co. Leitrim.   

Crich Airtig / Uchtlethain Meic Tomintin. See: Airtech.    Crich Cairpri - Cairpre.    Crich Lu(i)gne. See: Luigni.    Crich na Cetach . See: Luigni.

Cristaige; na; - Christians.    Cristaigecht / Christaigecht ; an; - Christendom.   

Cro Inis - Crownish / Comorant Island in Loch Ennell in Co. Westmeath.    Cros Cabenaig - Crosscavanagh  in Pomeroy in Co. Tyrone.   

Cros Daire Chain - in Kilronan in Co. Roscommon.    Cross Maolina - Crossmolina in Co. Mayo.    Cros Moigi Craind - Crossnaschrin in Grange in Co. Galway.    

Cruach Aball - Croughal in Churchtown in Co. Westmeath.     Cruach Patr(a)ic; an; Chruach - Croach Patric in Co. Mayo.    

Cruachain / Cruachain Ai - Raith Cruachan.    Cruachain Ui Cubrain - Croghan in Killashandra in Co. Cavan.     Cruachan - Croghan in Killukin in Co. Roscommon. Mac Dermots were the Kings from 1315 AD.    Cruachan Gailenga - Croaghan in Killasser in Co. Mayo.    

Crumthand - Cruffon a district in the north - east of Co. Galway.   

Cuan Cairlinne  - Carlingford Harbour in Co. Louth.     Cuan Esa Ruad - the mouth of the River Erne in Co. Donegal.    Cuan Umall - Clew Bay in Co. Mayo.   

Cuasan Ui Brain - 1442 AD.   

Cuil Brigdin - in Stradone in Co. Cavan / Mag Bradaigh.     Cuil Cernuda - Coolcarney parts of Kilgarvan and Altymas in Co. Mayo.    Cuil Cnam / Cnama - part of the west coast of Ballysadare Bay and Drumard in Co. Sligo.    Cuil Irra - District in Carbury in Co. Sligo to the west of Loch Gill and between Ballysadare and Sligo town.    Cuil Meic in Trein. See: Caislen Cuile Meic an Trein.    Cuil na nOirer - Barony of Coole in Co. Fermanagh at the south - east end of Upper Loch Erne.    Cuil Ui Find - Barony of Coolavin in Co. Sligo / Ui Gadhra Kings there in 1433 AD.    Cuil Ui Findtainn - near Boyle in Co. Roscommon.    Cuil Ui nGuaire - Coologe part of Templeport in Co. Cavan.    Cuil Rathain - Coleraine in Co. Derry.   

Cuillentrach / Chuillentrach; an; - See: Caislen na Cuillentraige.   

Cuinnche - Quin. Barony of Bunratty in Co. Clare.

Cuirene Mide - Barony of Kilkenny West in Co. Westmeath.

Cuirrech Life - Curragh  in Co. Kildare.

Cuirrin - Connachtach; in; - Curneen in the south of Ballyclare in Co. Roscommon.

Cul Mail - Collooney in Co. Sligo.

Cundae Locha Garman; an Chundae (Riabach.)   Cundae Luimnig - Co. Limerick.   Cundae / Chundae Riabach an; See: Cundae Locha Garman.

Cunga - Cong in Co. Mayo.


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