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                                                                                                                                                       Territories and Places - D.

Daiminis - Devenish in Lower Loch Erne.   

Daingen; in; - Daingen Bona Cuilinn / Dangar Caste in Co. Roscommon.   

 Daingen; an; See: Caislen an Dangin.  

Darsedaig / Dairsedaig - De Arcys in Co. Westmeath in 1472 AD.   

Dalatunaig - Daltons in Co. Westmeath.   

Danair - Danes.   

Dartraige - Sept who had their territory in Rosclogher in Co. Leitrim.

Delbna - of Iar (West) in Co. Galway in the south - west of the  Connacht Province.

Delbna Bethra. Territory situated below Clonmacnoise in Co. Offaly in the mid - north - west of Southern Leinster, in the region of the Heremonian Ui Cobhthaigh Ui Felim Dal Cuinn "southern" Ui Niaill Cenel Fiachach whose territory crossed over the River Brosna to Durrow in the east. Delbna Meic Cochlan in Garrycastle.

Delbna East - territory further to the east near Co. Roscommon in the east of the Connacht Province.

Delbna (Mor) - Barony of Delvin in Co. Westmeath. 

Delbna Nuadat - territory  to the west of Loch Ree  bewtween the River Shannon and the River Suck belowe Roscommon in the Connacht Province  with Athlone to the south - east.  

Delbna West / Iar in Co. Galway in the south - west of the Connacht Province.

Dermag - Durrow in Ballycowan in Co. Offaly.   

Desmuma - Desmond  / Co. Cork and Co. Kerry, except parts north of the River Blackwater, later only south - west of Co. Cork and Co. Kerry.   

Dexetraig - De Exeters.   

Dilmainig - Dillons.   

Disert Da Chrich - Desertcreaght in Dungannon in Co. Tyrone.   

Disert Diarmata - Castledermot in Co. Kildare.   

Diudig - Tuites.   

Doire (Coluim Cille) - Daire - Derry.   

 Doire Baile na Cairrge - Clooncorick in Co. Leitrim.   

Doren / Doiren - Derrane  in Kilbride in Co. Roscommon.   

Doiri Cairlinn - Co. Roscommon.   

Doirin an Fhida - Co. Armagh.   

Doirin Crannchae - Co. Leitrim.   

Doirse Emna - 1224 AD.   

Domnach an Eich - Donaghanie in Clogherry in Co. Tyrone.   

Drobais - River Drowes between Co. Donegal and Co. Leitrim.   

Droichet (Drochat) Atha - Drogheda in Co. Louth.   

Droichet Ingine Goillin - on the Black River neat and east of Loch Corrib.   

Dromman Iarthair - in Kilbryan and Loch Key in the north of Co. Roscommon.   

Druim - Drum in Boyle in Co. Roscommon.    Druim Airbelaig - Drumreilly in Co. Leitrim.    Druim Cenannan - in Liscananaun in Co. Galway.    Druim Cliab - Drumcliff in Carbury in Co. Sligo.    Druim Cubra - Drumcoora in Co. Leitrim.    Druim Da Eithiar (Thiagar)- Dromahaire in Co. Leitrim.    Druim Derg - in Downpatrick in Co. Down.    Druim Grecraige - in Loch Gara in Co. Roscommon.    Druim Lethan - Drumlane in Co. Cavan.    Druim Lias - Drumlease in Co. Leitrim.    Druim Ligen - Drumlane in Lifford in Co. Donegal.    Druim Muccado - Drumacoo in Dunkellin in Co. Galway.    Druim Raiti - Drumrat in Corran in Co. Sligo.    Druim Tairlinge - Drumhurlin in Taghmon in Co. Westmeath.    Druim Tuama - Drumhone in Tir Aed in Co. Donegal.   

Druimne - in Westport in Co. Mayo.   

Druimne Atha Liac; an; - at Athleague in Co. Roscommon.

Dub - River Duff / Black River in Rosclogher in Co. Leitrim.    Dub Chungai - Ballycong in Altymas in Co. Mayo.

Dun Ailli - west of Slieve Bawn in Co. Roscommon.     Dun Arod - Doonard in Kiltrustan in Co. Roscommon.    Dun Bo - Dunboe in Coleraine in Co. Derry.    Dun Cairbre - Duncarbry in the mouth of the River Drowes in the north - east of Co. Leitrim.    Dun Con Trethain - Donaghintraine in Templebay in Co. Sligo.    Dun Crimthandain - See: Caislen Duin Crimthandain.    Dun Da Lethglas  / Lethglass / Downpatrick in Co. Down.     Dun Daigne - Duniry in the Barony of Leitrim in Co. Galway.    Dun Delga (Delcan) - Dundalk in Co. Louth.    Dun Genainn - Dungannon in Co. Tyrone.    Dun Imgain (Imdan)- Dunamon in Co. Roscommon.    Dun Lis na Caislen Duin Lis.    Dun Mor - Dunmore in Co. Galway.    Dun Mugford - Dooncastle  / Aghagower in Westport in Co. Mayo.    Dun na nGall - Donegal town.    Dun na Mona - Doonamurray in Kilrose in Co. Sligo.    Dun Monad - in Noughaval in Co. Westmeath.    Dun Uabair - Donore in Moycashel in Co. Westmeath. 

Dunchadaig - Men of Tellach Dunchada in Tullyhunco in Co. Cavan.   

Dubthaig Ealla - Barony of Duhallow in Co. Cork.


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