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                                                                                                                                Territories and Places - E and F.

Ealla - See: Dubthaig Ealla.

Echanach Aghanagh - in Tirerril in Co. Sligo.

Eccuill - Achill Island  in Co. Mayo.

Echdruim Meic nAeda - Aughrim in Strokestown in Co. Roscommon.    Echdruim Ui Maine - Aughrim in Co. Galway.

Echtgi - District of Slieve Aughty in the south - east of Co. Galway and the north - east of Co. Clare.

Edaillig - Italians.

Eile - Ely O Carroll , a territory in the south - west of Co. Offaly and the east of Co. Tipperary.

Eire - Ireland.

Eirennach - Irishman / Gael.

Eisgir Abann - See: Caislen Eisgrech Abann.

Eithne - the River Inny in Cos. Westmeath and Co. Longford.

Emain - the Navan Fort in Co. Armagh.

Enach - Annaghbeg  in Killukin in Co. Roscommon.    Enach - See: Caislen  Enaigh.    Enach Duib - Annaduff in Co. Leitrim.     Enach Duin - Annaghdown on the border of Co. Clare and Co. Galway.    Enach Garb - Annagh in Loughtee in Co. Cavan.

Enga; Nar; - A district east of the River Shannon in the south of Co. Leitrim.

Engannoc - See: Castel Engannoc.

 Eogan - See: Cenel nEogain.     Eoganaig - See: Cenel nEogain. 

Eoghanacht - Locha Lein - Territory in Killarney district in Co. Kerry.

Ec - Inis - Eonish in Loch Oughter in Co. Cavan.

Eolusaig - See: Muintir Eoluis.

Eordanen - an Sruth / Eordanen / River Jordan.

Erne - the River Erne.

Es (Ui Fhionn); Es Da Chonna - Assylin in Boyle in Co. Roscommon.    Es / Ess Dara - Ballysadare in Co. Sligo.    Es Ruaid (Meic Baduirn) - Assaroe at Ballyshannon in Co. Donegal.

Etan Daire - See: Caislen Etain Daire.

Fabar - For in Feighan in Co. Westmeath.

Fanuid - Fanad Peninsula in Co. Donegal.

Faradan  Moigi Trega - A district in Clongesh in Co. Longford.

Fasa Choillid - A district at Castletown in Carbury in Co. Sligo.

Feda (Atha Luain) - the Faes / Fews of Athlone west of the River Shannon below Athlone.      Feda Conmaicne - See: Fid Conmaicne.

Ferann na Darach - in Co. Roscommon.    Ferann na Sithe - in Co. Roscommon.

Fersad na Finntraga  - the ford or Pass across Ballysadare Bay in Beltra in Co. Sligo.    Fersad Randa - in Liagain  at Standalone / Stone alone in the north of Co. Sligo.

Ferta - 1474 AD.

Fiad Ratha Cruachan - The forest or Waste of Rathcroghan at Elphin in Co. Roscommon.

Fid an Atha,- Finnea in Foyran in Co. Westmeath.    Fid Conaille - in Killany in Ardee in Co. Louth.    Fid (Feda) Conmaicne - A district in the south of Co. Leitrim near the River Shannon.    Fid Doruda - Fedaro in Mohill in Co. Leitrim.    Fid Gatlaig - in Kilgarvan and Attymas in Co. Mayo.    Fid na Saithne - in Co. Cavan  / Meic in Chaich.    Fid Ui nDiarmata - in Kilkerrin in Co. Galway.    Fid Ui Finnoice - A district east of Bencroy in Co. Leitrim.

Fidicen - in Kilbegnet  in Co. Galway.

Fidnach  / Fidnacha Moigi Rein  - Fenagh in Co. Leitrim.

Find / Fhind; an; - the River Finn  in Co. Donegal.

Findcharn - west of the Curlieu Mountains  in Co. Sligo and Co. Roscommon.    Find Ros - The Rosses in the north - west of Co. Donegal.

Fine Fomra  - The Fomorians , also see - Fomoraig.

Finnir / Finned - in Drumcliff in Co. Sligo.    Finn Loch Cera - Loch Carra in Co. Mayo. 

Florens - Florence, Italy.

Fonn Iararthach / Iartharach; an; -  A district south of Bantry Bay  in the south - west of Co. Cork / O Mahon / Ua Mathgamain 1493 AD.

Fons Patricii - See: Tobar Patraic.

 Formael / Fhormael; an; 1461 AD. 

Fornochd - Farnaght in Cloone in Co. Leitrim.

Fotharta - Territory at Forth in Co. Carlow / O Nuallan in 1406 AD.

Fraincc / Fhrainc; an; the French / France.

Fuarchosach / Fhuarchosach; an; - O Reilly's Island in Loch Allan in Co. Roscommon.


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