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Machaire; a; 1309.    Machaire Clainni Taidg - A district in the south of Co. Galway between Claregalway and Loch Corrib,    Machaire (Connacht), an; Mag nAi  - A district in the north of Co. Roscommon.    Machaire Cuircne - Barony of Kilkenny in the west of Co. Westmeath  - Dillons the Lords there in 1468 AD.    Machaire Maonmuige - the Lochrea district of Co. Galway. O Domhnallain 1531 AD. See also Maenmag.     Machaire  na nOilech -  A district in the north of Co. Roscommon.    Machaire Oirghiall - A district in Co. Louth.

Maenmag - The Loughrea district in Co. Galway.   

Maethail - Mohill in Co. Leitrim.

Mag; an; - Magh Find district of Bredagh in Co. Roscommon.   Mag nAi - Machaire Connacht - a district in Co. Roscommon between Roscommon town and Elphin and Strokestown and Castlereagh.     Mag Brecraige - formerly Moybreckny, a district at Rathaspick, Russagh and Street. Baronies of Moygoish in Co. Westmeath and Ardagh in Co. Longford. See also Caislen Moigi Brecraige.     Mag Breg - Brega - the Plain between the River Boyne and the River Liffey.    Mag Bregmaine - formerly Moybrawne, the territory in Shrule in Co. Longford.    Mag Caba. See: Caislen Moigi Caba.    Mag Cetne - (Cedne) na Fomorach - a Plain between  Drowes and the River Erne  and a coastal part of Co. Leitrim and adjoining the districts of Co. Sligo and Co. Donegal.     Mag Duma - Barony of Moydow in Co. Longford. See also Caislen Moigi Duma.     Mag Engaile - Newtown Gore in the east of Co. Leitrim.    Mag Eni - a Plain between the River Duff and the River Drowes  in the north of Co. Leitrim.    Mag nEo na Saxan - Mayo parish and monastery in Clanmorris in Co. Mayo.    Mag Find - a district around Bredagh in parts of Dysart and Kiltoom. Barony of Athlone in Co. Roscommon. 1464 AD Mag Eochada was the overall leader there.      Mag Imlech - Moyemlagh  in Kilcolman in Co. Sligo.    Mag Line / Moylinny - a territory in the Barony of Upper Co. Antrim.     Mag Luirc - Moylurg, a territory south of the River Boyle and Barony of Boyle in Co. Roscommon.      Mag Min; an; 1225 AD.    Mag Nisi - a district in the south of the Barony of Leitrim in Co. Leitrim.    Mag Nuad - Maynooth in Co. Kildare.    Mag Rein - a district around Fenagh in Co. Leitrim of the Muintir Eoluis.    Mag Sine - a district around Turlough in Corra in Co. Mayo.    Mag Slecht - a Plain in the north - west of Co. Cavan.    Mag Tethbra - a district in Co. Westmeath and Co. Longford.    Mag Trega - a territory in Co. Longford between Longford town and the River Shannon and the Co. Leitrim border  / Ua Fheargail 1384 AD.     Mag Tuired na Fomorach  - Moytirra in Kilmactranny in Co. Sligo.    Mag Ui Gadrad - Moygara district in the north end of Loch Gara in Co. Sligo.

Maicne Maolruanaidh (Moir) - the Mac Dermots and Mac Donaghs of the north of Co. Roscommon and the south of Co. Sligo. Clann Mailruanaidh and Muintir Mailruanaidh.     Maicne Muireadhaigh  - The O Beirnes, the O Connors and the Mac Dermots  of the north of Co. Roscommon. See also the Siol Muireadhaigh.    

Mang  / Maing - the River Maine in Co. Kerry.

Mainig - See Ui Maine.

Mainistir Culi - Kilcooly Abbey in Kilcooly in Co. Tipperary.    Mainistir Derg - Abbeyderg in Taghsheenod in Co. Longford.    Mainistir Esa Ruaid - See : Es Ruaid.    Mainistir na Buille - See: Buill, an;    Mainistir Trinnoite. See: Oilen na Trinnoite.

Mana - the Isle of Man.

Manann - See" Caislen Manainn.

Manchaig - See: Fir Manach.

Mangurtach; an; - Mangeton Mountain near Killarney in Co. Kerry.

Margenan - in Aghagower in Co. Mayo.

Mars - the Earl of March.

Media - See: Mide.

Meic Griffin - Fitz Gibbons.    Meic Isrehel - Children of Israel.    Meic Murchadha - of Co. Mayo.

Methenach - a river at Drumcliff in Co. Sligo.

Mide - Meath.

Milic - Meelick in Gallen in Co. Mayo.

Milecc  (na Sinna) - Meelick in the Barony of Longford in Co. Galway.

Modach - 1461 AD.

Moin Crandchain - in Co. Cavan.    Moin Lagraidhe - in Co. Fermanagh.    Moin na mBrathar - Monabraher in Limerick City.

Mointech - Mointech Moige lEni in Ballyshannon in Co. Donegal.

Morthailig - See: Clann Murthaile.

Muad - the River Moy in Co. Sligo and Co. Mayo.   

Muicenach - Loch Leisi / Loch Muckenagh in Kilglass in the north of Co. Roscommon.

Muilenn  Adam - in Knockmullen in Ballysadare in Co. Sligo.      Muilenn Cerr - in Mullingar  in Co. Westmeath.

Muimnig - See: Muma.

Muine; an; - Monivea  in Co. Galway.    Muine Ingine - Crechan  in  or near Kilcommon in Co. Mayo.    Muine Liath - in in Moneylea in Rathconnell in Co. Westmeath.    Muine Maicin - in Aghagower in Co. Mayo.

Muinechan - Monaghan  town . See also Caislen Muinechan. 

Muir Erenn - the Irish Sea.

Muir Ruad; an; - the Red Sea.

Muirthemne - A district in the south of Co. Armagh in the south - east of the Ulster Province and the north of Co. Louth in the north - east of Northern Leinster.

Mullach Croiche - in the Barony of Boyle  in Co. Roscommon.

Mullach Doramnach, Mullaghmore in Killichin in Co. Roscommon.

Mullach Fidicci 1316 AD.

Mullach Laigide in Co. Roscommon.

Mullach na Sithi - Mullaghnashee / Mullashee at Ballyshannon  in Co. Donegal. Siol Aeda.

Mullach Ratha - Mullaroe in Skreen in Co. Sligo.

Mullach Uainide - at Onagh in Taghmaconnell in Co. Roscommon. See also Caislen Mullaig Uainide.

Muma - Munster - Coiced Muman, and Muimnig - Men of Munster / Fir Muman.

Mur na mBrathar  - the Friar's House at Donegal in Co. Donegal.

Murbach - Murvagh in Drumhome in Co. Donegal.

Muscraige - Baronies of East and West Muskerry in Co. Cork. Mac Carthys in 1477 AD.


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