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                                                                             Territories and Places: N - R

Napuil - Naples.  

Nas - Naas in Co. Kildare.    

Ned an Fhiaig - Nadnaveagh in Killukin in Co. Roscommon.    

Nuachongbail; Noughaval in the Barony of  Kilkenny in the west of Co. Westmeath.

Ochtar - Uachtar.  

 Odelb - in Tulsk in Co. Roscommon. 

Co. Offaly. Originally named for the Heremonian Ui Laoghaire Ui Lughaidh Cu Corb O Faly / Ui Failghe Sept in the north - west of Southern Leinster and was at one time renamed King's Co. by the English.   

Omag / Ogmag; an; See: Caislen na hOmaige / Ogmaige.    

Oil Finn  - Elphin in Co. Roscommon.     Oilech - 1274 AD.    

Oilellach  - a man of Tir nAilella in the Connacht Province.

Oilen Cula na nOirer - an island off the coast of Coole Point in Upper Loch Erne in Co. Fermanagh.    Oilen Da Chruindi - island off  Rynvoyle on the south shore of Killary Bay  in Co. Galway.    Oilen na Cenainne  - in Machaire Connacht  in Co. Roscommon.      Oilen na Circe - Castle Kirk  Island  in the north - west  of Loch Corrib in Co. Galway.    Oilen na Naem - Saint's Island in Loch Ree in Co. Longford.    Oilen na Trinnoite - Holy Trinity Island  in Loch Key in the north of Co. Roscommon.    Oilen na Trinnoite - Trinity Island  in Loch Oughter in Co. Cavan. Oilen Ui Maille - Clare Island in Clew Bay in Co. Mayo.

Oirecht - The territory later on of the O Kanes / Muintir Ui Chathain / Cianacht in Keenaught in Co. Derry.  

Oirer  Gaidel - See: Airer Gaidel.  

Oirgialla - See: Argialla.    

Oiribertaigh - Mac Herberts / Delamer who had their Estates in Co. Westmeath.    

Oirther MumanEast Munster - Mac Aedacain the Ollav in 1399 AD.     Oirther  - the Baronies of Oirior in Co. Armagh  O Hanlon / O hAnluain the King in 1321 AD.    

Opair; an; Nobber in Co. Meath. 

Ormond - Muscrith Tyre  in Co. Tipperary. In the 3rd Century AD Fiacha Muilleathan the Heberian King of Munster who had his residence at Rathnoi near Cashel / Knochragan  gave to Cairbre Musc the son of the King of Meath who was a famous bard, for his poems.  

Osraige - Ossory a territory in Co. Kilkenny south - west Co. Carlow and Co. Offaly. 1473 AD O Gilla Patraic, King 1489 AD Mac Gilla Patraic, King.

Pallis / Phallis; - Pallas Beg in Forgney in Co. Longford.     Pallis / Phallis - See: Caislen na Pailisi.

Petidig - the Petits who had their Estates in Co. Westmeath.

Port Airenaig - at Erenagh in Cloontuskert in Co. Roscommon.      Port in Guirtin - at Gorteen in Clonbrony  in Co. Longford.    Port Indsi - Portinch - in Emlaghfad in Co.  Sligo.    Port Lairge - Co. Waterford.     Port Lecce - Port on the River Shannon in Kiltoghert in the south of Co. Leitrim.    Port na Leiu -  Port Lecce.     Port Locha  Leisi - on or near the shore of Loch Muckenagh in Kilglass in the east of Co. Roscommon.   Port  Locha Mesca - at Ballinchalla on the east shore of Loch Mask in Co. Mayo. The birthplace of Cathal Crobhdhearg O Connor. 1224 AD.     Port Loman - Portloman on the west shore of Loch Owell in Co. Westmeath.    Port na Cairrce - at Rockingham n on the south shore of Loch Key in the north of Co. Roscommon.   Port na Cranne - at O Reilly's Island in Loch Allen in Co. Roscommon.    Port na Tri Namad - formerly Portnatrynod on the Co. Tyrone side of the River Finn opposite Lifford in Co. Donegal.    

Purgadoir Patraic - on an island in Loch Derg in the south of Co. Donegal.

Raith Aeda Meic Bric - Rahugh in Moy Cashel in Co. Westmeath.     Raith Aird Craibi - See: Caislen Raith Aird Craibi.     Raith Both - Raphoe in Co. Donegal.    Raith Branduibh - Rathfran Abbey in Templemurry in Co. Mayo.    Raith Brenainn - Rath Brennan in Co. Roscommon.    Raith Cruachan - Rathcroghan in Elphin in Co. Roscommon.     Raith Espuic - Rathaspick in Moygoish in Co. Westmeath.    Raith Guaire - Rathwire in Farbill in Co. Westmeath.    Raith Imain / Imgain - Rathangan in Co. Kildare.    Raith Maolain - Rathmullan in Co. Donegal.    Raith Mor (Muigi Line) - Rathmore in Co. Donegal and Co. Antrim.     Raith na Romanach  - Rathnarovanagh in Kilmore in Co. Roscommon.     Raith Riabach  - in Rathreagh in Ardagh in Co. Longford.   

Ratha  / Rathai - See: Caislen Rathain.     

Ratsecer - 1333 AD.    

Rechra Muintir Birn - Rathlin O Beirne Island off the south - west of Co. Donegal.    

Recles Gilli Mo - Laisi Ui Gilla Urain  - in or near Tuam in Co. Galway.   

Recles Petair Agus Poil - O Connor's Island  in Co. Roscommon.

Regia. Territory to the west of Eamhain Macha / Armagh in the south - east of the Ulster Province, and also in the south - east, which was their main territory.

 Rinn; in; - See: Caislen in Renna.      Rinn Duin - Randoon at St. John's Point on the shore of Loch Ree in Co. Roscommon.

Rodba - the River Robe in the south of Co. Mayo.

Roim; an; - Rome - Romanaig / Romans.

Ros Birn - Rossbourne in Kilmacowen in Co. Sligo.    Ros Comain - Roscommon town.    Ros Gede - Ross Point in Sligo Bay.    Ros Laeg - Rosslee in Easky in Co. Sligo.    Ros Mor - Rossmore near Elphin in Co. Roscommon.

Ruta (meic Uighilin) - the Route in a district in the north of Co. Antrim and Co. Derry east of the River Bann.


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