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                                                                                Territories and Places - S.

Sabhall Patraic  - Saul near Downpatrick in Co. Down.

Sailten Gassan - Seltannahunshen in Oughteragh in Co. Leitrim  / O Donovan. or Seltan in Mohill, or Soltan in Inishmagrath.

Saitnech - of Saitni, a territory in the Barony of Balrothery in Co. Dublin.

Sanct Andrias - St. Andrew's in Fifeshire.

Sarrustining - Saracens.

Saxa, Saxain, Saxanaig - England / English.

Scrin - Skreen in Co. Meath.

Segais; an t; - the Curlieu Hills and district between Co. Roscommon and Co. Sligo.

Senchaislen; an; - O Neills Castle on the border of Co. Tyrone, Co. Donegal and Co. Derry in nCarrigans in Co. Donegal.

Seinchell Dumcha - Shankhill at Corradooey in Aghanagh in Co. Sligo.

Sgarbh Bechoige - a ford on the River Finn in Castlefin in the east of Co. Donegal.    Sgarbh Innsi an Fhraig - 1522 AD.

Sgor Mor; in; - Scor Mor in Kilmacuniny in Co. Roscommon.

Sid Aeda - Mullaghnashee / Mullashee in Ballyshannon in Co. Donegal.

Sionnan - the River Shannon.

Slaine - Slane in Co. Meath.

Sliab - See: Sliab an Iarainn and Coirrshiab.    Sliab Truim - in the north - west of Co. Tyrone.    Sliab an Iarainn - Slieve Anierin in Co. Leitrim, which divided East Breifne from West Breifne.    Sliab Betha - Slieve Beagh on the border of Co. Fermanagh, Co. Monaghan and Co. Tyrone.     Sliab Bladma - Slieve Bloom in the north - west of Co. Laois. 1269 AD Mac Gilla Patraic King of.    Sliab Breg - Slieve Brey in the south of Co. Louth and the north of Co. Meath.     Sliab Cairbri - Carn Hill and the district in the north of Co. Longford.    Sliab Corran - the south - east of Co. Leitrim adjoining the district of Carn Hill in the north of Co. Longford.    Sliab Da Chon - at Dog Little and Dog Big in Devenish in Co. Fermanagh.   Sliab Da En - Slieve Daen i the south of Sligo town.    Sliab Echtgi - Slieve Aughty in the south - east of Co. Galway and the north - east of Co. Clare.    Sliab Fuait - Dedmans Hill and district in the Fews of southern Co. Armagh.    Sliab Gam - the Ox Mountains in Co. Mayo and Co. Sligo.    Sliab Luga - a territory in Kilkelly in Co. Mayo and adjoining district in Co. Roscommon.    Sliab Mairg - Barony of Slievemargy  in Co. Laois and part of adjoining district in Co. Kilkenny.1398 AD O Mores / Ui Morda King of.    Sliab Segsa  - See: Corrshliab / Coirrshliab.

Slichech - Sligo . See: Caislen Slicig.

Slicht Aeda Finn - 1528 AD.

Snam Muireadhaigh - at Jamestown in Co. Leitrim.    Snam Rathine - Drumsna in the south of Co. Leitrim.

Sogain - a district in Castleblakeny in Co. Galway.

Soltenn Gasain - See: Sailten Gassan.

Spainn; an; - Spain - Spannig, Spaniards.

Sraitmoigi Brecraigi  - in Moygoish in Co. Westmeath.

Stratbaili / Sradbhaile; in; - See: Slichech  and Dun Declan.

Strath in Fherain - Shramore, part of Union in Ballysadare in Co. Sligo.

Srub Liath - Stirling in Scotland.

Sruthair - Abbeyshrule in Shrule in Co. Longford.     Shruthair - Shrule in Kilmaine in Co. Mayo.

Stondunaig; na; - the Stauntons.

Stuag; an; - the Arch in Fenagh in Co. Leitrim.

Suca  - the River Suck in Co. Galway and Co. Roscommon.

Suicin  - See; Caislen Suicin.

Suilech - the River Swilly in Co. Donegal.

Surrai - Surrey in England. Earl of;


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