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                                                                                                                                                                      Ultagh -  Ussher

Ultagh / Ultach (Ulsterman). Heremonian Dal Fiatach Sept / Family branch who were Kings of Ulidia / Ulaid who had their territory in Co. Down in the south - east of the Ulster Province up until the 12th Century AD and was adopted by  Septs / Family branches of the Mac Donlevys who were actually the Mac Dunlevys, which see, who migrated out of the Ulster Province and it was also changed to North in Co. Westmeath in the south - west of Northern Leinster. Ancestor: 90.Forrg mac Dallain.


Underwood -


O Unehan or Ounihan / Irish - Ua hOnchon. A Sept / Family branch who may have changed to O Donegan, which see, as it was used as a synonym for it in Co. Carlow in Southern Leinster. See also O Hounihan.

Uniacke / Doinngeard. They have been in Youghal in the east of Co. Cork in Southern Munster since the 14th Century AD and Garde was also used as a synonym, which see.


Union. See Oonin.


Uprichard / Ap Richard. Welsh origins who were recent arrivals in Lurgan in Co. Armagh in the south - east of the Ulster Province. Pritchard was also used as a synonym for it in Ulster.

Upton. English toponymic origins in Co. Antrim in the north - east of the Ulster Province in 1598 AD under Elizabeth 1st who built Castle Upton there and  were also later in Co. Cork in Southern Munster during the Oliver Cromwell masssacres.


Urell or Uriell. See Yourell.

Mac Usker. See Mac Kusker.


Ussher / Uiseir. Norman origins in Ireland since the 14th Century AD. See also

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