Sire                                                     RAINBOW FARMS  AUSTRALIA                         

                                                                *VEILED AGAIN 2.11.5


    Dam of 5 Winners inc; Veiled Away Tr.2.13.7 (Hanaway NZ), Veiled Star Tr. 2.19.2 (Hanaway NZ), Veiled Dream 2,2.16.8 (Thor's Dream),  Velvet Rainbow 2.08 (Prepaid SA), Supreme Rainbow Tr. 2.06.7 (12 Wins and 16 Places) (Speed Supreme (Imp) *VEILED RAINBOW (Speed Supreme (Imp) Dam of Speedy Rainbow Tr.2.06.8 (10 Wins and 19 Places inc; the New South Wales Trotters Derby.) (Armbro Demon (Imp) $24,000.

Sire: Poplar Bill (USA)

Dam:  Veiled Attack (NZ) (Attack NZ) Dam of 5 Winners, Veiled Gold 2.09 (Golden Adios (Imp), Veiled Smoke 2.10 (Dawn Smoke NZ), Veiled Dawn 2.10.7 (Dawn Smoke NZ), Veiled Sands 2.09.6, Veiled Hanover 2.11.2, Veiled Girl (Bye Bye Bill (NZ)Dam of Glenfield Girl Tr.2.00.8 (20 Wins & 17 Places) $157,000 (Romeo Hanover (Imp), Veiled Princess 2.06 and Thorveiled Hanover 2.03.5.


Grand Dam: Lilyveil (Master Lawn)            Next Dam: Cornice (Gaillard)


Next Dam: Cornelian (Author Dillon) Dam of *Auto Spinner (Auto Machine) Dam of Run Honey (Morris Eden (Imp) Dam of Flash Jack 1.59.4, Three Step 1.59.8. Golden Nell (King Scott (NZ) Dam of Doron (Scottish Command (NZ) Dam of Katy's Command 1.58.6.Next Dam: Pearchild 2.19.7 (Rothschild) Dam of Casanova 2.11.8 (Wrack (Imp), *Flying Cloud (Wrack (Imp) Dam of Windermere 2.11.6 (Jack Potts (Imp) Dam of Johnny Guitar 2.07.8NZ Wellington Cup, Lord Windermere 2.09.4 NSW Sapling stake and Scotsmere (U. Scott (Imp) Dam of Lady Endeavour (Thurber Frost (Imp) Dam of Little Bret 2.05.2 and Our Berra 2.05.2 Inter - City Pace. Millie Brigade (Light Brigade (Imp) Dam of Swift Sarah 2.09.2 (Goodland (Imp) Dam of Even Speed Tr.2.00.2 and Hey Maybe 1.57.6. *Vanity Fair (Wrack (Imp) ancestress of Co Pilot 2.06.2 Dunedin Cup, Already 2.05.4 Mildura Cup, Noble Lord 2.03.9 NZ Futurity and Sire, Stormy Lodge 2.07.6Victorian Youthful Stakes, Delta Port 2.04.4 S.A. Sapling and St. Leger, Lisdon Boy 2.01.3 Victorian 3 Year old Sires Stakes, Gavil Storm 1.59.8, Sapling 1.59.2 G.N. Derby & Auckland Cup, Inter - Dominion Heat. Tara's Hall (Dillon Hall (Imp) Dam of Ardri 2.11 and Sire, Conquistador 2.13 and Sire and Shirley Brigade 2.09.8 (Light Brigade (Imp) Dam of Brigevander Tr. 2.03.2 $152,000, Vanity Scott (U. Scott (Imp) ancestress of Smooth Ani 1.59.8 and Sparechild 2.02.8 Golden Easter Egg. Light Pearl (Light Brigade (Imp) Dam of Garrison Forbes 1.59.3 $102,000 and Kylie Forbes 2.13.6 (Mark Lobell (Imp) Dam of Rossmore Bay 1.59.6, Petite Pearl (Admiral Adios) Grand - dam of Im Regal 2.03.3 S.A. sires Stakes and 2 Year Old Breeders Plate and Im Happy 2.05 S.A. Sapling Stakes. Swift Tara (Light Brigade (Imp) ancestress of Palimar 1.59.5 and Swift Silk 2.07 W.A. triple Crown. Fashion Lady (Lusty Volo (Imp) ancestress of Poseidin 1.58.8 $113,000, Me Bruvver 1.59.4 7 and Scotch Bright 1.58. Lady Maree (Dillon Hall (Imp) ancestress of  Wibahe Fella 1.57, Lucy Bromac 2.00, and Albuqerque 1.56.8 $210,000. *First Wrack (Wrack (imp) ancestress of Distant Thunder 2.00, $108,000, Manitas 1.57.4 $187,000. Garrison Call 2.05.4 Geelong Cup and Desmar's Darling 2.08.3 Victorian Youthful Stakes.


Next Dam: Family of Verity (Vancleve (Imp) Dam of *Nantwich (Nelson Bingen (Imp ) Dam of Bitter Sweet Tr. 2.13.6 (Wrack (Imp) Dam of Theme Song 2.13 and Sire, Daventry (Wrack (Imp) Dam of Toki (Fallacy NZ) Dam of Miss Caduceus 2.02.6 $101,000, Hocquard 1.59.8 $133,000 (Tuft (Imp), Okanhia (Tudor Hanover (Imp) Dam of Big Bucks 2.00.4 NSW Oaks, Avert (Josedale Dictator (Imp) Dam of Idle Raider 2.04 Hunter Cup  & Inter - Dominion Heats, and Great - grand - dam of Reality Tr. 2.09.9 S.A. Trotters Cup (Gyration), Interlace (Dillon Hall (Imp) - dam of Miss Step 1.59.6. Dam of Maple Fritz 1.54.6, $447,000, Tatting aka Chintz (Light Brigade (imp) Dam of Master Thor 2.07.6 Victorian Breeders Plate.*Pearl Pointer (Logan Pointer (Imp) Grand - dam of Final Say - Sire and Alice Mac (Light Brigade (Imp) ancestress of Sable Baker 1.57, Double Measure (Gaillard) ancestress of Travel King 1.59.2, Kuyaway (Stormyway (Imp) Grand - dam of Kiparissia 1.59.4 and Courting Appeal Tr.2.04.2 Dullard Cup & Victorian Australasian Trotting Championship, Red Gauge (Red Emperor (NZ) ancestress of Thunder Byrd 1.59, Lord Manhattan 2.01.7 NZ Juvenile Championship, Sika Dream 1.59.8, Cool Gay 1.57.6, What About Me 1.58.4, Peblo Khan 1.59.8. Full Share (Young Bob) Dam of Meadow Bank 2.08 NZ Wellington Cup, White Satin Tr.2.16.7 (Wrack (Imp) Dam of Admiral Harwood - Sire, Satin Prince. Sire and Red Satin Tr.2.17.8 S.A. Trotters Cup and Sire. Grand - dam of Atherton Lad Tr.2.14.3.S.A. Trotters Cup. Andy's Daughter (Andy Derby) Grand - dam of Jason Hanover 2.03.8 Penrith Derby, Dashing Brucus 2.06.6 NSW Sapling Stakes Inter - City Pacing Championship, and State Raider Tr.2.04.4 N.S.W. Trotters Derby. Lustre (Wrack (Imp) ancestress of Pearl Queen 2.12 S.A. Derby and Sheffield Bay 2.00.6 $204,000. *Pansy (St. Swithin) Dam of Pansy Wrack (Wrack (Imp) ancestress of Basil Dean Tr.2.07.6 P.2.04.4 NZ Dominion Handicap and Logan Count Tr.2.05.2 NZ Dominion  Handicap. Wrackeen (Wrack (Imp) ancestress of Wiki Wiki 1.56.8, Tronso Tr.2.10.5 NZ Dominion Handicap, Cee Ar Tr.2.05.7 Rowe Cup, S.A. Trotters Cup and Inter - Dominion Heat, Stormy Water 2.01.1  and Sire, Final Decision 1.58.6 $181,000, Just Tudor 1.57.8, Kymara 2.09.6 Victorian Youthful Stakes, Betty Adios 1.59.6, Lord Armbro 2.06.2 Challenge Stakes, Earl Brandon 1.56.6, Jack Brandon 1.59.6 $132,000. *Fancy Girl (Velox) ancestress of  Vancerana 1.59.7, The Bishop 1.59.6, Tara Queen (Local Light NZ) - dam of On Your Mark 1.59.2, Adios Julie 2.06 (Dick Adios (Imp) Dam of Marciano 1.56.8 and El Juan. 1.58, Selected 1.57.8, Sam Black 1.59 $139,000, Sway Boy 1.59 $188,000, Anthony Hall 2.09.5 and Sire, Welcome Tidy 1.59.2, Nadala 1.59.6 $151,000 and Robert Edge 2.00.6 S.A. Derby and Victorian Sires Produce Stakes.


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