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Vitamins and Minerals are required to maintain a healthy Body !! and many Vitamins are lost through the use of chemicals, cooking, processing and transport of foods creating a deficiency in your natural diet !!


                                                                                                                                                                              VITAMIN A / Skin / Vitality


              Deficiency Signs: Acne, Boils, Colds - recurring, Dandruff,  Eye Inflammation, Granules on the Eyelid, Gum Conditions, Hair - Dry, Dull, Loss, Infection - Susceptible to, Lack of Appetite, Lack of Vigour, Lung Infection, Nails - peeled or ridged, Night Blindness, Pimples, Poor Vision, Retarded Growth in Children, Scalp - Dry, Skin - Blemished, Dry, Roughened, Scaly, Sinusitis, Smell - Poor Sense of; Sore Throat, Taste - Poor Sense of; Teeth Problems, Wrinkles.


N.B: Vitamin A is FAT SOLUBLE and therefore Surplus Requirements are not removed in the Urine, but stored in the Liver were it could become Toxic !!  


*Vitamin A - 750ug (The Skin Vitamin): As an Anti - Oxidant it shortens the duration of Disease / Colds and Bursitis / Inflammation between Bones and Muscles and treats Acne and other Skin eruptions, Improves Eyesight and prevents Night Blindness, and is essential to the Body to develop healthy Eyes, Gums, Hair, Skin and Teeth as well as various Glands, and maintains the Mucous Membranes vital to all of the Cells.


Vitamin A fights against Allergies, Infection and Pollutants, and as an Anti - Oxidant may also protect against Cancer and has a direct role in removing dead Skin Cells. Vitamin A and its precursor, Beta - Carotene, increase Immunity and antibody levels of Cellular Immunity and a diet high in Beta - Carotene is now recommended for Cancer prevention.


     Insufficient or mal - absorption of Vitamin A when the Digestive System is not properly processing Fats, (as Vitamin A is a Fat Soluble Vitamin) can lead to Dry, Scaly Skin and  Vitamin A can assist with Pimply Blemishes due to its ability to fight Infection.     Those deficient in the Vitamin A from Animal sources or Beta - Carotene from Plant sources, heal much less efficiently and are more susceptible to Infection and Diabetics especially cannot convert Beta - Carotene to Vitamin A and are likely to be deficient in Vitamin A.


Food Sources: Apricots, Apricots (Dried), Butter, Broccoli, Crab, Cream, Carrots, Cod Liver Oil, Egg Yolk, Fish Liver Oils, Fruits, Kidneys, Liver - Beef, Chicken, Lamb, Veal, Mango, Margarines - some, Parsley, Peach, Pumpkin, Spinach, Sweet Potato, Whole Milk, Turnips, Leafy green and yellow Vegetables.


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