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 Vitamins and Minerals are required to maintain a healthy Body !! and many Vitamins are lost through the use of chemicals, cooking, processing and transport of foods creating a deficiency in your natural diet !!


                                                                                                    *VITAMIN B Group: THIAMINE / Energy / Brain.

N.B: They should be consumed in a balanced form not as individual Vitamins as this can create a deficiency of all the other members in this group that are Water Soluble and the Body will eliminate what is not required through the Urine as they are not stored in the Body and must be consumed on a daily basis, while some are synthesized in the Intestines by the Bacteria that are normally situated there.

N.B: The B Group are destroyed by Alcohol, Antacids, Baking Soda, Sugar, Processed / Refined Foods, Tobacco, the Pill, and too much exposure to the Sun, also Anti - Biotics and anti - Infective substances taken over a long period will also kill off the normal Lactobacillus Acidophilus as well as harmful Bacteria, that may over time create a Vitamin B deficiency.

      The VITAMIN B "group"" liberate Energy from food by converting the use of Carbohydrates, Fats and Proteins by the Body necessary for the proper functioning of the Heart and Nervous System and are essential for the health of all Tissues in the Body nourishing Energy, Health and Well Being especially for the Skin in cooperation with the Thyroid and prevent heavy creasing of the Skin, counteracting Liver spots, assisting to combat Acne and smooth the tension lines and assist to produce strong healthy Nails and act as natural Tranquillizers to assist to reduce Stress and Strain and to maintain the health of the Hair. Protects against Lead Poisioning and Improves Peristalis to prevent Constipation.

     Thiamine is absorbed quickly in the Upper and Lower Intestine then into the Circulatory System, the Heart, the Kidneys and the Liver to combine with Manganeze and other Proteins to become active Enzymes. 

Food Sources: Cashew Nuts, Grain Breads Whole, Brazil Nuts, Brewer's Yeast, Cereals, Eggs, Fish, Hazel Nuts, Legumes, Lobster, Liver, Milk - non Fat Dry, Milk - Whole Dry, Millet, Mollasses, Peanuts, Pork - Leg, Rice Brown, Rice Wild, Sunflower Seeds, Soybeans, Raisins, Rice Bran, Vegetables Leafy Green, Wheat Bran, Wheat Germ, Wheat Whole,

 *VITAMIN B1 (THIAMINE): Assists Heart Function, Energy, Calms Nerves, Promotes Growth and Aids Carbohydrate Metabolism and Assists to Prevent Travel Sickness.

Signs of Deficiency: Appetite Loss, Anorexia, Lack of Energy, Beriberi, Blood Pressure - Low, Cardiovascular Disorders, Depression Chronic, Digestive Disorders due to Hydrochloric Acid Imbalance in the Stomach. Edema, Energy Low, Heartbeat Slow, Irritability, Memory Poor, Mental Confusion, Muscular Weakness, Nervous Exhaustion, Neuritis, Peripheral Paralysis, Tongue - Grooves.


*VITAMIN B2 (RIBOFLAVIN) 1.7mg: A Water Soluble Vitamin that Aids Growth / General Health / Reproduction, assists to eliminate Sore and Cracked Mouth, Lips and Tongue, Needed for good Vision, healthy Skin, Nails and Hair, promotes the Body's use of Oxygen, assists to alleviate Eye fatigue. Involved in the breakdown and utilization of Carbohydrates, Fats and Proteins and is necessary for Cell respiration / Oxygen

        N.B: Stable to Heat, Oxidation and Acid, but disintegrates when subject to Alkali or Light, especially Ultra - Violet Light. Absorbed through the Walls of the Small Intestine and carried by the Blood to the Body Tissues and the surplus excreted in the Urine while small amounts are found in the Kidneys and Liver and must be absorbed regularly.

      Signs of Deficiency: Anemia, Cataracts, Eyes - Itching and Burning / Bloodshot, Eyes - Light Sensitive, Hair - Dull / Oily, Lip - Lesions or Cracks, Mouth - Lesions / Inflammation / Sore, Mouth - Cracks at the Corner of, Nails - Split, Nose - Scaley, Seboria, Skin - Lesions, Skin - Oily, Tongue - Burning / Magenta coloured, Ulcers, Upper Lip / Disapearring, Vaginal Itching,  Wrinkles - Premature / Arms and Face

     Food Sources: Almonds, Brewer's Yeast, Cashew Nuts, Cheese - Blue, Cheese - Camembert, Cheese Cheddar, Cheese Ricotta, Chicken Liver, Eggs, Fish, Ham - Boneless, Hazel Nuts, Liver, Liver - Beef, Liver, Milk, Millet, Organ Meats, Rice - Brown, Rice - Wild, Tongue, Yoghurt,



Water Soluble. Resistant to Acids, Air, Alkalies. Heat and Light. Assists Enzymes to breakdown and use Carbohydrates, Fats, Proteins, and Improves Circulation including Cold Feet and Hands, and reduces Cholesterol levels in the Blood, and is necessary for the Nervous System and the formation and maintenance of the Digestive System Tissues and the synthesis of Sex Hormones, Maintains Healthy Skin and Tongue. Essential for Carbohydrate and Protein metabolism, may prevent Migraine Headaches as it dilates the Blood Vessels increasing the flow of  Blood to the Peripheral Capiliary System, Has also been used to treat Schizophrenia.

Vitamin B3 is absorbed in the Intestine and stored mainly in the Liver with excess eliminated through Urine.

N.B: Excess consumption of Sugar and Starches and certain anti - biotics will deplete the Body of Vitamin 3.

     Signs of Deficiency: Anemia, Canker Sores, Depression, Diarrhoea, Digestive Disorders, Disorientation, Forgetfullness, Headaches - Chronic, Insomnia, Irritability, Mental Diseease, Mental Disturbance, Mental - Dullness,,Naurasthenia, Nervousness, Pellagra, Skin Lesions, Tongue - Coated, Too much results in Itching and a Tingling sensation, intense flushing of the Skin and a throbbing Head.

      Food Sources: Almonds, Avocado, Chicken, Ham - Boneless, Fish, Green Peas, Liver - Beef, Lamb Liver, Mushrooms, Peanuts, Pork, Prawns, Rice - Bran, Rice Brown, Rice Wild, Salmon, Sunflower Seeds, Trout, Tuna, Turkey, Wheat Bran, Wheat Whole. 


   VITAMIN *B - NIACIN (NICOTINIC ACID) - 18 to 20mg: Aids in Digestion, relieves Headaches, needed for healthy Nervous System, increased Circulation, for synthesis of Sex Hormones, Cortisone, Thyroxine and Insulin, assists to reduce Cholesterol.

      Signs of Deficiency: Arteriosclerosis. Breath - Bad, Cholesterol - High, Personality - Negative, Nervousness. 

     Food Sources:  Avocados, Brewer's Yeast, Dates, Eggs, Figs,  Fish,  Liver - Dessicated, Meats Lean, Prunes, Wheat Germ, Wheat Whole,


  VITAMIN  *B5: (PANTHOTHENIC ACID): Water Soluble it occurrs in all Living Cells - Bacteria, Moulds, Yeasts and individual Cells of all Animals and Plants. ANTI - STRESS Vitamin, Assists with the synthesis of Cholesterol, needed for Growth and Reproduction, Skin and Hair Health as it is synthesizes in the Body by the Bacterial Flora of the Intestines, Aids Nervous System, Prevents Premature Aging. Panthenol a Pro - vitamin form of Vitamin B5 mends Split Ends in the Hair and attracts moisture into the inner core of the structure of the Hair - See under "Hair Conditions." There is a close correlation betwen Pantothenic Acid Tissue levels and the functioning of the Adrenal Glands as it increases production of Cortisone and other Adrenal Hormones to ensure Healthy Nerves and Skin. Pantothenic Acid is required for the Synthesis of Cholesterol Steroids that are Fat Soluble Compounds and Fatty Acids. It is found in the Blood, especially in the Plasma (the liquid part of the Lymph.) Involved in all functions of the Body stimulating Adrenal Glands and increasing Cortisone and other Adrelan Hormones, and speeds recovery from Ill - health, and can assist against damage caused by excessive exposure to Radiation. 

     Signs of Deficiency: Adrenal Exhaustion, Allergies, Anaemia, Asthma, Constipation, Blood Pressure - Low,  Feet - Burning / Painful, Dizziness, Eczema - Severe, Chronic Fatigue, Hair - Loss / Greying, Infections, Irritabilty, Hypo - Glycaemia (Low Blood Sugar), Mental Depression, Muscle Cramps, Muscular Weakness,  Skin Disorders, Skin - Dry,  Retarded Growth,  Stomach Distess, Wrinkles.

    Food Sources: Brewer's Yeast, Cereals - Whole Grain, Cabbage, Cheese - Blue, Egg, Egg Yolk, whole Grains, Liver - Beef, Liver - Lamb, Lobster, Milk - Non - fat dry, Milk - Whole dry, Molasses, Mushrooms, Organ Meats, Nuts, Salmon, Sunflower

 Seeds, Vegetables - Green, Peanuts, Trout, Wheat Bran, Wheat Germ. 35% of the Pantothenic Acid content of Meat is lost iduring cooking and 50% of Flour during milling, and it is also easily destroyed by Alkali such as Baking Soda and Vinegar


 VITAMIN *B6: (PYRIDOXINE / Pyridoxol / Pyridoxal / Pyrridoxamine): Absorption of Amino Acids, Proteins and Vitamins B12, Reduces Muscle Spasms, needed for production of Red Blood Cells, works as a Diuretic, needed for production of Hydrochloric Acid and utilization of Magnesium.

    Vitamin B6 Aids in food assimilation and in Protein and Fat Metabolism, especially of Essential Fatty Acids. Activates many Enzymes and Enzyme Systems involved in the production of Antibodies that protect against Bacterial Invasions. Essential for Synthesis and the proper action of DNA and RNA. Assists in the healthy function of the Nervous System and the Brain, and is required for normal reproduction and healthy pregnancies. Prevents Nervous and Skin Disorders, including Acne. Protects against Degenerative Disease such as elevated Cholesterol, some types of Heart Disease and Diabetes, Prevents Tooth Decay and acts as a natural Duretic. May prevent or lessen Epileptic Seizures. Assists to relieve Premenstrual Adema and effective in Overweight Problems due to Water Retention. Regulates the balance between the Minerals, Sodium and Potassium, in the Body. May also assist in treating Parkinson's Diseease in combination with Magnesium. Vitamin B6 is required  to absorb Vitamin B12 and for the production of Hydrochloric Acid, N.B: but anyone with Stomach Ulcers should see a Doctor before taking Vitamin B6 in large doses.

    A Nutrient essential for Micro - Organisms and required daily with other B Complex Vitamins, as it is excreted in the Urine within 8 hours and not stored in the Liver. Functions as Pyridoxal Phosphate / Pyridoxamine Phosphate for the formation and breakdown of Amino Acids and indirectly Protein in Living Tissue and certain processes of Carbohydrate and Fat Metabolism.

  N.B: Fasting and Slimming diets can deplete Vitamin B6 if proper Supplements are not taken. 

  Signs of Deficiency: Aging Disease, Anemia, Adema, Colon Inflammation. Convulsions, Eczema, Fluid Retention. Halitosis, Insomnia, Irritability, Kidney Stones, Hair Loss, Mental  Depression, Migraine Headaches, Muscular weakness, Nervousness, Nervousness Tooth Decay, Premature Senility, Skin Disorders, Sore Mouth / Lips.    

 Food Sources: Avacado, Banana, Beef, Blackstrap Molasses, Brewer's Yeast, Cabbage, Cantaloupe, Corn, Eggs, Hazelnuts, Liver - Beef, Meats All, Milk - non fat dry, Milk - Whole dry, Peanuts, Rice - Brown, Salmon, Sunflower Seeds, Trout, Walnuts, Wheat Bran, Wheat Whole.

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