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Vitamins and Minerals are required to maintain a healthy Body !! and many Vitamins are lost through the use of chemicals, cooking, processing and transport of foods creating a deficiency in your natural diet !!


                                                                                                               *VITAMIN D: Thyroid Glands Strengthener.


Deficiency Signs Aging - Premature, Bone - Deformities, Growth - Retarded, Mineral Deficiency, Muscular Weakness, Osteomalacia, Osteoporosis, Pyorrhea, Rickets, Tooth Decay. Vigour - Lacking, 


  Vitamin D is a FAT SOLUBLE Vitamin that can be acquired by Ingestion along with the Fats through the Intestine Walls aided by the Bile / or by exposure to the Sun's Ultra - Violet Rays that activates a form of Dehydro - Cholesterol present in the Skin where it is formed and absorbed into the Circulatory System. The more Pigmentation there is in the Skin the less amount of Vitamin D is produced in the Body by Irradiation. After absorption by eiither means Vitamin D is transported to the Liver for storage with other deposits in the Bones, Brain, Skin and Spleen. Large reserves of Vitamin D can be stored in the Body.


N.B: Large doses of Vitamin D can cause Abnormal Deposits of Calcium in the Muscles and Circulatory System and damage to the Kidneys.


 N.B: Vitamin D is destroyed by overcooking food, Antacids and Cortisone. Mineral Oil Laxatives can destroy the Vitamin D in the Intestinal Tract.


Vitamin D must have Calcium present in the Body also, as it utilizes Calcium and Phosphorus and other Minerals from the Digestive Tract, assists to prevent Colds, and aids in assimilating Vitamin A. Assists with Blood Clotting, Heart action, normal Kidney function and the Nervous System, prevents Tooth decay and controls Muscular action. Essential for Tooth formation and Bone growth, combats Acne and it is necessary for proper Glandular function.


 Pro Vitams D are found in Animal and Plant tissue. Vitamin D2 / Calciferol / Synthetic. Vitamin D3 occurs in Fish - Liver Oil.


Food Source: Avocados, Cod Liver Oil, Dairy Products, Egg Yolks, Whole Milk, Sardines and Tuna.


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