Vitamins and Minerals are required to maintain a healthy Body !! and many Vitamins are lost through the use of chemicals, cooking, processing and transport of foods creating a deficiency in your natural diet !!


                                                                                *VITAMIN E: (TOCOPHEROL / Pherol - 7 forms) - Alpha, Beta, Delta, Epsilon, Eta, Gamma, Zeta.  


  Deficiency Signs:  Abortion, Acne, Ageing - Premature, Anaemia, Angina Peectoris, Arthritis, Asthma,  Cancer, Dandruff, Emphysema, Heart Disease / Degeneration, Hypoglycemia, Legs / Restless, Miscarriage, Muscle Degeneration, Phlebitis, Pulmonary Embolism, Red Blood Cells / Fragility, Stroke, Reproductive Disorders, Ulcers / Leg, Varicose / Veins.


                                                                                                                                                  An Anti - Oxidant:


FAT SOLUBLE compound that is absorbed in the presence of Bile Salts and Fat that Oxygenates the Tissues and acts as an effective Purifier, dilating Blood Vessels  and improving Circulation even in the smallest Capillaries, Prevents Scar Tissue of Burns and Sores, Anti - Thrombin and Anti - Coagulant / Blood Clots, Anti - Oxidant as it opposes Oxidation of substances in the Body preventing Saturated Fatty Acids and Vitamin A from breaking down and combining with other substances that may be harmfull to the Body as Fat Oxidization creates Free Radicals that are highly destructive Molecules that can cause damage to the Body such as Blood Clots, Cancer and DNA damage. Protects the Lungs and other Body Tissues from Polluted Air,


N.B: Oxidizing agents in processed foods, rancid Fats and Oils, Inorganic Iron supplements, the Pill and Mineral Oil Laxatives, X - Rays and excessive Sugar intake damage Vitamin E in the Body.


    From within the Intestines it is absorbed into the Lymph and transported into the Bloodstream to the Liver where high concentrations are stored. It is also stored in the Adrenal Glands, Blood, Fatty Tissues, Heart Muscles, Pituitary Glands,Testes and the Uterus. As an OIntment it can be absorbed through the Skin and Mucous Membranes. Assists with the formation and function of Red Blood Cells, Muscles and other Tissues keeping Fats from becoming rancid when exposed to air. Required for Fertility and normal production, aids in utilization of Vitamin A, assists to prevent Heart and Blood Conditions. Protects against Air Pollutants and other Free Radicals and assists to prevent Lung Disease by maintaining the health of Cell Membranes and the Circulatory and Reproductive Organs. Creates vibrant and lustrous Hair and normalizes Oestrogen levels. Aids the transport of fresh Oxygen to the Tissues to freshen tired Skin replacing moisture lost and arrests the Ageing process warding off Liver spots and assisting with Varicose Veins. It checks lines under the Eyes and on the Lips and will diminish topical Skin scarring, assists with Stress and with Menstrual and Premenstrual tension, improves Circulation and heals Bed Sores, Burns, Scars and Skin Ulcers. May be added to any Face or Hair product to obtain benefit, or 1 Tablespoon of Wheat Germ Oil can be added to a Shampoo or applied directly, or it can be combined with liquid Vitamin E. Or 1-2 Capsules of Vitamin E can be rubbed directly into the roots of the Hair and comb it through to the ends and leave in to suite.


N.B: Vitamin E in large doses may raise Blood Pressure if you are not accustomed to it, although excessive amounts are excreted in the Urine and should disperse within 3 days.  Inorganic Iron and Vitamin E administered together diminishes the absorption of both. Best to take Vitamin E before meals or at bedtime as one dose, and Iron 8 - 12 hours later as one dose after this, to absorb properly.  Chlorine in drinking water, Ferric Acid Chloride, Rancid Oil or Fat and Inorganic Iron Compounds  destroy Vitamin E in the Body while MIneral Oil used as a laxative dissolves it but depletes it. Vegetable Oils dissolve Alpha Tocopherol and release it in the Body. Poor absorption can impair Red Blood Cells.


N.B:Large amounts of Polyunsaturated Fats or OIls increase Oxidation of Vitamin E.    


Food Sources: Almonds, Asparagus, Brazil Nuts, Broccoli, Cabbage, Cucumber, Eggs, Whole Grains, Hazelnuts, Lettuce, Liver - Beef, Millet, Mango, Molasses, Nuts, Peanuts, Peas Green, Rice Brown, Spinach, Sweet Potatoes, Brown Rice, cold pressed Vegetable Oils, Wheat Germ Oil (rich source) and Yeast. Mainly found in certain Plant Oils. Alpha - best with the highest concentration in cold pressed Vegetable Oils, Walnuts, Wheat Whole,


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